Friday, April 30, 2010

So, I used to work at a local scrapbooking store. Crazy, right? But, I was only teaching three out of four blocks a day at that point, my boss was awesome and gave us a wicked discount, and besides, it was fun. Like, kid-in-a-candy-store fun. School's-canceled-for-a-snow-day fun. Gold-digger-in-a-jewelry-store fun.

Ok, so that last one doesn't quite fit, but I bet that's fun if you're into that sort of thing.

So when we got in a whole boatload of Cosmo Cricket's Mr. Campy paper, of course I bought several sheets. Because, uh, I camp a lot or something? Or, maybe because I enjoyed the "looks like you dragged your paper through the dirt" look? The truth is, the line is adorable, but it's really not a colour palette I gravitate toward. That explains why it's never matched any of my photos before.

Until this one.
Dad and Saffron. A match made in heaven. And perfect for Mr. Campy and Creative Scrappers' sketch #79.

I was so excited when I put together this combo. The Bazzil Swiss Dot paper and the scalloped-edge cardstock were in my goody bag at the crop last weekend, and I had the Cosmo Cricket alphas left over from my March Paper Poppy kit. I was also super stoked to use the cute little Cosmo Cricket chipboard dogs that have been in my stash for ages.

***Editor's note: Are we sensing a trend here? Apparently I have an affection for all things Cricket. Who knew?!?
I grunged 'em all up a bit so they look like they go with that cute-and-dingy Mr. Campy. I used a walnut spray stain on the puppies and pounced some chalk ink over the alphas. I think they compliment my dad's muddy pooch perfectly.

I'd say Saffron knows a thing or two about gold-digger-in-a-jewelry-store fun. Emphasis on the digger.


  1. Cute that photo!!

  2. Super cute layout!! I looove those pp's with that photo... perfect fit!! :)

  3. Oh, that Dirty Dog! Isn't she just so CUTE! I love it Teri! SOOT!

  4. Dude, sooo cute. That picture is awesome.

  5. Hi Teri!! Saffron is too cute! Looks like a very large version of my little Gus! :) That photo is sweet and the CC looks great. :) I too love anything vintage, aged and dirty looking. Hey, that is great that you used to work at your LSS and got a discount. I know that if I worked at mine, I would still owe them money on payday with being surrounded by all that scrappy goodness every day. That must be fun being on the DT!! :) I never got a chance to scrap today. I went to Ikea with Diane to get ideas for the apartment that she is moving into in June. I did buy a chair for my "studio" and hope it is high enough to prevent a sore back for extended scrapping sessions. I hope to scrap tomorrow and do the colour challenge at Paper Poppy. You so SHOULD buy the May kit!!!! It makes all the challenges and tips more fun and it is such an awesome palette. That add on kit for $5 is a steal!! My wish is for you to be the Guest Blogger very soon. Your work is wonderful and your blogging is the bomb!! :) No snow for us. Luckily we missed that mess down south. Rob and I were South of Red Deer on Friday and you could still see lots of snow on the ground. We had to bring Diane's dog Moose to the Dachshund Rescue center for surrender. A VERY hard decision for Diane and hard on our entire family. A long and sad story of break-up and such. There has been lots of drama over here as of late. :( Little Moose is in the best place possible and I am confident that he will be placed in the right home and have a wonderful life. The Alberta Dachshund Rescue Center is amazing and this woman is a saint!!! I am tracking him on their site and we have already received two email updates that he is doing fine. My empty nest is up by two daughters and one cat. I am not complaining and am enjoying having my girls around more. :) Enough of my saga. We had a viewing today so maybe tomorrow will be our lucky day when we sell this place!!! Have a great Sunday!! :)

  6. ooo my !!! I can't imagine having to bathe that dirty dog ?! makes for a great scrappy subject for sure !!! great layout with the CC !

  7. I secretly hate you!!!
    your pal.................

  8. I love those little chipboard dogs. This is such a cute but still very masculine page.


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