Friday, September 9, 2011

A layout that proves just how classy I am.

So at the crop Adrienne and I attended last month, we challenged each other to try at least one page apiece that was out of our comfort zones.  I actually did two. 

I win!  I mean….ahem.

Here’s the first of those pages:

The journaling says, “Real friends will pose in front of a flying donair with you in a skeevy dive at 2 am in downtown Edmonton.”  Which shows you just what a classy dame I am.

Anyhow, there are a couple of elements here that are out of my comfortable little scrappy-box.

***Editor’s note:  Plan for future project:  Comfortable little scrappy-box.  Copyright 2011.***

First, the misting:
 I defiled an otherwise-pristine piece of paper with splatters of random ink and no regard for the paper’s dignity. Again with the classiness.

The second oddity is the use of American Crafts stickers for the “photo mat”.  Usually I’d go for paper, but here, the muted colours helped me to tone-down the otherwise obnoxious colour palette in the photo.

I’m also still working on the mixing of do-dads, and I used another of Jen and Susan’s embellishments here.  Isn’t that flower so cute?!

I think the flowers and other little do-dads help to downplay the fact that I’m posing with an onion ring.  Don’t you think?