Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things to do while avoiding The Pile.

The other day, I showed you The Pile.
Everything fun thing I own is in this pile, people. Scrapbooking stuff. Books. Whoopy cushions. Possibly a pet or two.

***Editor's note: No pets were physically harmed in the making of this blog post. They may, however, have been slightly shamed by their inability to thwart Teri's need for humourous photos.

So, in my attempt to avoid boredom-induced insanity, I have compiled this short list of things to do while avoiding The Pile.

1. Place pets into humourously-compromising positions. Photograph as needed. Then, realize that you must have packed the camera cord and you cannot do anything useful with these photos.

2. Curse your infernal packing.

***Editor's note: Suffice it to say that said photo involved a wiener dog in a recycling bin. Hilarity ensued.

3. Watch your favourite SNL skits on YouTube. Don't even care if they're crappy quality.

4. Rewatch everything you've saved on your PVR.

5. Remind Americans that a DVR is called a PVR in Canada.

6. Clean.

7. Add items to list just for comedic value, such as number 6 above.

8. Teach yourself to crochet flowers using this tutorial:

and butterflies using this tutorial and dishcloths using this pattern.

9. Adjust the patterns a little and plan to blog about them soon.

10. Drool over all of the projects you wish you were doing, like this one guest-posted by Lovey Crafty Home at Tatertots and Jello:

11. Ask blog readers for other suggestions of things to do for the next five days before we officially become homeowners.

And now, my bloggy friends, I am off to do number 6.

Ha! See? It really is funny!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you see what I see?

A whole bunch of crappy pictures?

Ok. Just checking.

So we're moving in two weeks, and this is what my living room looks like.

Yes, that is my bed blocking the door. Hello to you, fire hazard.

Here's something that's a little less chaotic looking...
I gave you the "after" picture first. See how I mixed it up a little?

'Cause, yeah. I don't even want to think about the "before".
So I've been decluttering and boxing and taping and scraping and draping. Or at least the first three.

Oh - and dreaming about doing this in my new house. *Swoon*.

So, yeah. Chaos, decluttering, and dreaming.

And taking crummy iPhone pictures. That about sums up my life right now.