Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Gone, gone, gone, she been gone so long...

Does the sudden reappearance of a person long-since disappeared make anyone else want to sing a little Chilliwack?


Ok, it's just me.


Anyway, I've been away from this blog for four years, but lately, I've been missing that feeling of sharing and connecting over crafty stuff.  So here I am.

Much has changed in the last four years.  My relationship of 10 years ended, I sold my house, I started dating for the first time in my adult life, I bought a condo, I lived alone for the first time, I started teaching at a new school, I became the leader of my department, I had to put down my beloved little Molly-dog, I met my soulmate, he and his dog Bear moved in with me, we got married at Disneyland, I opened a little Etsy shop, I started my master's degree, we bought a travel trailer, we got a little dog - Bowie - to add to the brood...and that's just the good stuff.

It's amazing how much life changes, isn't it?

Anyway, some things are still the same.  I'm still crafting.  I'm still Mom to a cat who tolerates me.  I'm still a hot mess when it comes to organization. 

But I will leave this first blog post with some evidence of my attempts to change that last one.  I'm forever waiting too long to put birthday and other cards in the mail, so I've recently made up some cards to have on-hand.  

Oh, look!  Terrible photography!

Obligatory oblique-angle shot.

And even a couple of baby cards...
Why did I assume my friends would have boys?
But so far, I've been right!

And I've even got stamps!  So far, 2017 is coming up Teris!