Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you see what I see?

A whole bunch of crappy pictures?

Ok. Just checking.

So we're moving in two weeks, and this is what my living room looks like.

Yes, that is my bed blocking the door. Hello to you, fire hazard.

Here's something that's a little less chaotic looking...
I gave you the "after" picture first. See how I mixed it up a little?

'Cause, yeah. I don't even want to think about the "before".
So I've been decluttering and boxing and taping and scraping and draping. Or at least the first three.

Oh - and dreaming about doing this in my new house. *Swoon*.

So, yeah. Chaos, decluttering, and dreaming.

And taking crummy iPhone pictures. That about sums up my life right now.


  1. Awwww, I don't envy you because my moving memories are still too raw! LOL Just keep thinking how great it will be when you are in your new house!!! Keep dreaming of your new scrap room!! :)

  2. It's alot of work but I'm excited to see pics of your new place once you're settled. Hopefully you get a new craft room in exchange for all this work~

  3. Wish I could help ya move! MOVING SUCKS!!!

    Can't wait for you to move in! Yay! (golf clap, girly squeal!) You'll take tons of pictures of each and every little thing you do, right? RIGHT?

  4. Just over a week now, eh!!! You are going to be so happy when you get everything moved and set up! I'll bet your craft room will be super nice! SOOT!

  5. Having packed up, moved and unpacked twice, yes twice, within the past year, I can totally relate! Just keep dreaming about being in your new place and especially about setting up your scrapping space!! I have finally just gotten my room organized the way I want it and bought a heater to make it habitable and I LOVE spending time down there in my cozy little space. Good luck with the move!!

  6. My house looks like that right now and I'm not moving. ;) Kidding. ?? ;)

  7. Hi Teri! How goes the moving preparation? You are close now! Very exciting and you will be scrapping again before you know it. :) Regarding the flowers, I just cut out the same flower on my Cricut in increments of 1/2 inch and then layered them. I am so not a card maker. My hat is off to all the ladies who create amazing cards. Pearl comes to mind. Her cards are so beautiful! Have a great weekend. I bet it will be a busy one. :)

  8. Hi Teri!! Well that is exciting news about the geocaching! Susan is the one you want to talk to about this! They have found over 500 as of last summer and I know they even found a few this winter. They are hard core!! You can find them as, "white_peartree". Then there is me and Rob aka "scrappy-apple". We are aiming for 40 but are currently at 18. ;) Our trips usually include a bit of domestic bliss (domestic fight) as Rob is still trying to figure out his new GPS and I get stuck holding the dog leashes and untangling them from shrubs and bushes. We are usually far off the actual cache! ;) We plan on giving it another go this spring without dogs! Talk to Susan she started in 2007!


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