Friday, September 9, 2011

A layout that proves just how classy I am.

So at the crop Adrienne and I attended last month, we challenged each other to try at least one page apiece that was out of our comfort zones.  I actually did two. 

I win!  I mean….ahem.

Here’s the first of those pages:

The journaling says, “Real friends will pose in front of a flying donair with you in a skeevy dive at 2 am in downtown Edmonton.”  Which shows you just what a classy dame I am.

Anyhow, there are a couple of elements here that are out of my comfortable little scrappy-box.

***Editor’s note:  Plan for future project:  Comfortable little scrappy-box.  Copyright 2011.***

First, the misting:
 I defiled an otherwise-pristine piece of paper with splatters of random ink and no regard for the paper’s dignity. Again with the classiness.

The second oddity is the use of American Crafts stickers for the “photo mat”.  Usually I’d go for paper, but here, the muted colours helped me to tone-down the otherwise obnoxious colour palette in the photo.

I’m also still working on the mixing of do-dads, and I used another of Jen and Susan’s embellishments here.  Isn’t that flower so cute?!

I think the flowers and other little do-dads help to downplay the fact that I’m posing with an onion ring.  Don’t you think?


  1. Oh yay for leaving the comfort zone!!! You are inspiring me to try the same and get a different look!!! The misting and photo frame creation turned out perfect!! Love the doodling too! That picture is so cute and the flower goes surprisingly well with the onion ring!! ;) Love your crocheted flowers too! This LO has a real Studio Calico vibe to it! Love it!! Downtown Edmonton at 2am!! Maybe you ran into my crazy daughters?? hee hee Looks like you all were having fun! :)

  2. Very cute. I don't know much about scrapbooking but I do love how you balanced the colours of the photo with the rest of the page. So much I need to learn~

  3. I love this layout! Yay for you, for trying new things. It all came together great! :-)

  4. Classy and creative too....hope you get time to get back on here soon, Teri!!! Miss you! SOOT!!!

  5. Hi Teri!! So great to hear from you! I have missed you and figure that school must be busy. Susan and I were thinking of you lots with the tragic passing of those young fellows in GP. I was wondering if any were your students or if it was even your school. So very sad. Thanks so much for leaving so much love on my blog. You are such a great bloggy friend and I so appreciate your support! :) Thanks for the shopping link. Yes, you should check out the LCTM store. I am doing the bulk of my shopping there now. I can now get OA, Jillibean and Studio Calico!! Yay!! I can rarely find any of these around here either. :( Here's to some more awesome weather! Historically we will suffer in January when things have been so warm. Oh well, it isn't all that long off until spring! Hugs to your pack from mine!! :)

  6. Hi Teri, So sorry to hear that it was your school involved as well as one of your past students. I can only imagine the effect that such a tragedy had on the entire school. I totally understand what you are saying in regards to schedules and marking etc. That is wonderful to hear of how the kids handled it. We were watching the support from surrounding communities and more. Very wonderful to see this. Three young fellows were lost just before Christmas in the Beaumont area in a tragic accident. So very sad and another loss of such young life. Hope everything is slowly returning to normal and that all good things come to your school in 2012. :)

  7. Hi Teri!! Thanks for all the love you left on my blog. Hope everything is going well with you. That is exciting that you are going to a crop. I haven't played along with Counterfeit for ages. Making kits is a great idea for taking to a crop. Yes, the sketch book is all new sketches all designed by Kristine herself. There is 101 sketches and I think 50 examples from designers. I really recommend it if you enjoy Kristine's designs. I always find her sketches really easy to work with. Yay to crocheting. I'm still practicing the granny square. My tension is off so they aren't good enough yet for my afghan. Susan is coming over on Tuesday and will give me some more guidance. I always really appreciated Susan's tiny flowers but now I REALLY appreciate them!

  8. Hi Teri, Thanks for all the comments you left me. About the splattering, I use acrylic craft paint and water it down just a bit. I dip a paintbrush into it and then tap the brush to splatter the paint on my paper. That seems to produce a fine splatter and if I want bigger splotches then I use the eye dropper. You can also dip the handle end of the brush into the paint and touch it to the paper which will produce a dot. Hope everything is fine with you. :-)


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