Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here's my first April Paper Poppy creation. Uhh, no joke here. It really is.

I have been at my favourite weekend crop event for the last two days, and here's what I accomplished:
  1. I finished 7 layouts. One was a two-pager. I pretty much think that counts as 8.
  2. I made a cute card for my niece's birthday, and two other lovely cards for Mothers' Day.
  3. I was part of a team of dedicated individuals who likely set a new record for the most "that's what she said" jokes in a 48-hour period. It's really too bad the Guinness people weren't there.
  4. I managed to buy my raffle tickets at precisely the right moment, which meant that I won a $200 scrapbooking shopping spree! Thank you, raffle gods. I shall never doubt you again.
  5. I laughed my tail off for two days straight.
Here's the first of those 7 layouts, and it's my entry for the Paper Poppy Kit Co.'s April sketch challenge.
Yup. That's my ma. Pickin' strawberries. She's so awesome.I made this layout with my April Paper Poppy kit, those little Making Memories alpha stickers, approximately 6.5 questionably-inappropriate "that's what she said" jokes with Adrienne, and a whole wack o' Chalk Box inks.

I especially love that Pink Paislee pleated ribbon. Everyone was asking if I made it myself. Of course, I did the honourable thing and told them thank you but it came with my kit. I also passed on my little review: it's pretty, soft, and super easy to handle but just was a little too long.

Hehe. That's what she said.


  1. Teri!! This is beautiful. I love what you have done with the sketch and the kit. I forgot to order this months kit :( But I did just manage to create my 1st LO with the March yeah, a little behind, I am. I think you are now my chalkin' Ink QUEEN! I can never get those things too look as fabulous as you have!

  2. Man you have good luck! $200?? I hope you're always putting your name in for blogging giveaways. ;)

    P.s. those are lovely.

  3. Hi Teri!! Wow, you got so much accomplished at the crop!!! I always hear women say that they hardly got anything done because they joked around and talked too much! Kinda like getting together with friends in junior high to do homework. ;) Thanks for the future invite. So kind of you guys to think of me. :) I love your take on the April sketch!! I hope that you will post all of your other creations too. I can't wait to see them,,,, and the cards too!! :) Congrats on winning the shopping spree!! That is so amazing!! Maybe you could post a picture of your loot!! :) Totally loved your pleated ribbon description! We love, "That's what she said." jokes here. Thank you Michael Scott! Have a wonderful week!! :) Oh yeah, the little duck is from the October Afternoon "Ducks in a Row" line. It is such a sweet line!

  4. Wow ! that is so fun this 2 day crop ! lucky you winning that $200 spree ! woohoo !

    Lovely take Liz's sketch with the Paper Poppy Kit ! good to hear you had a great time !

  5. I always count a double pager as 2 layouts!
    Love the layout, it's beautiful!

  6. How funny to see myself on this page!!! It certainly reminded me that I need to work out more, LOL!!! The garden is half planted for this year so far....we will be eating delicious raspberries when you come for the wedding, God willing! I am so proud of you for all those awesome pages you made, for winning the raffle, and for taking time to take care of yourself by having fun!!! Laughter is the best medicine!!! Have an awesome day! SOOT!

  7. Love this, Teri!!! You did a beautiful job with the kit and with the sketch. 7 layouts? You rocked that crop. At least that's what she said. :)

  8. You chick!~!! Awesome post! You are too funny. It's hard not to have fun with you around. So, what's it gonna be for next time? What's our tag line... get your thinkin' cap on!


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