Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where have I been?!? I've been looking for me everywhere!

Ok, peeps. What a week it has been.

So, last week, I was so drained from having to find my inner drill sergeant at work that I couldn't post, or even read my usual blog haunts. And by "couldn't", I mean there weren't two coherent thoughts to bang together in the ol' noggin.

Then, I had an awesome weekend, but I lost the little cord that attaches my camera to my computer. (And seriously, when you see the photos, you'll know why I couldn't post without them.)

So, here's how the weekend went down.

On Friday, Cliff went to visit his parents, and so I was left by my lonesome. So, what's a single gal to do?

Go to an '80s "murder mystery" birthday party, of course! (Duh!)

My name was to be "Randy Reporter", a creatively named...uhh...reporter.

Friday was occupied by a lengthy trip to Value Village, where I bought this sexy little ensemble.

One must attend these functions in style, you know. Penciled-in Brooke-Shields eyebrows and all. Nothing says "hotty" like a shoulder-padded polyester blouse in the perfect shade of "zombie skin."

***Editor's note: I think I need to frame this photo. It clearly will make the perfect focal point of a room if I ever go through a "Designing Women/Working Girl" decorating phase.

I took my role seriously. Here I am interviewing Bailey Babble, the town gossip.

I think she's saying, "Your outfit is stunning. I must know the name of your personal shopper," and I'm like, "Who, me?" and batting my eyelashes.

And then, I gave this little gift-card holder to my girl, Leena, who was celebrating her birthday that night:
And then I went home, scrubbed off my eyebrows, crawled into bed spread-eagle right smack-dab in the middle and thanked my lucky stars that: a) once in a while, a weekend alone feels nice; and b) I don't have to wear my pants pulled up to my ribcage on a regular basis. Seriously. Ouch.


  1. lol too cute... looove those pics!!! :)

  2. Hee-larious. I especially love that you laid spread-eagle right in the middle of the bed without the hubs home. I can sooo relate.

    I love that outfit! Seriously I want to know how I can get invited to that party 'cause it looks off.the.hook.

  3. So are you saying that stylish number is not going to make into school? I bet all the kids would think you were definitely the coolest hippest teacher if they saw you in it. And yes the eyebrows are a require part of the ensemble.

  4. LOL Teri you have to scrap those pictures into a LO and share it with us all!!! That outfit is hilarious and those do look like some pretty high waisted pants not to mention the leg tapering!! It makes me glad that the 90's are over!! Are they crushed velvet??? What a fun party to go to!!!! :) Glad to hear that you had a fun weekend!!! :)

  5. Oh my!!!!! That look and those brows are to die for ; ) How nice to be able to get away for an evening and be in good company, Is it wrong of me to wish upon a star for 1 day of total silence all by myself???? Just 1 day.
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  6. Hi Teri! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my LO's. It was fun to do. No good news on the home front. The ugly house down the street with black counter tops, white cupboards and a brass shower, not to mention the 13 year old carpets and lino, sold!!! But.... they back onto the park and have an amazing landscaped yard! Hmm.... maybe I can carry my house down the street and park it near the park!! ;) I only had one viewer this week and they were 2.5 hours late and left my front door unlocked. :( The realtor came over tonight and apparently everything is super slow right now. She said the house will sell and there is nothing I need to change for showings. There are no negative comments about the house and everyone says it is clean. I agree, that some scrapper needs to come in and see the studio!! LOL I actually usually do have some LO's sitting out on a decorative stand. It hasn't lured in any scrappers yet!! LOL The realtor says it will sell soon. We are in the condo on June 25th. I can't even think about that until this place sells. I am so sick of cleaning. It just is not a natural way to live!! LOL Sorry for the rant. Rob is so calm about this. He says that I do enough worrying for the two of us. So sad and yet very true. Some of us just do not embrace change as well as others. ;) I can't wait to see what you create with the kit. You will get so much done this weekend!! Are you bringing sketches for inspiration? Do they supply magazines for inspiration? I've yet to go on any kind of crop or class even. I'm a solitary scrapper and a very messy one too! LOL Have a great day tomorrow and it sounds like your little monkeys are settling down. ;) I hear we are getting a few days of rain and I can't wait. I love a rainy day and we need the moisture so bad. This weather has been amazing. My tree is budding already!!! We are usually still having a snow storm around now!! :)


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