Saturday, April 10, 2010

This little birdy says "Thank You"

When your guy's mom sends you a beautiful new blue purse for spring, you send her a handmade "thank you" card.

I think the bird stamp says "Thank you for adding a little more colour to my world!"Or maybe, "You make me so happy I poop flowers".

Either way, I think she'll know I'm grateful.


  1. Ok, you just about made my spit out my coffee with the 'Poop' flowers line! LOL
    Super , er I mean, POOPER-cute card!!

  2. I just love this card! It is great! And just for the record, I never even noticed that it was pooping flowers til you mentioned it ;)

  3. Hahhahha love it!! Yes go with the sentiment you make me so happy I poop flowers, lovely mental image imo.... :D great job on the stamp coloring!

  4. Where'd you get that awesome old background? Sooo cool.

  5. LOL Nothing better than some good old potty humour!! This card is so sweet. I am loving the text background and everything purple is wonderful! Have fun at the movie! It looks like a good one. Rob and I are considering going to view it and we rarely go to the movies, as we have very different tastes. Glad you and Cliff are enjoying a more normal schedule. Yes, shift work can be difficult. No offense taken, on me being a "Granny". I look forward to that day and with Diane being 22, I am definitely old enough! I am already collecting books for my children's books collections. :)

  6. "I poop flowers" that's the best one this week.... call me imature :D :D :D
    What a nice card, there's nothing better than getting a home made card. Hope your weekend is going great!

  7. LOL... super cute card... I like both interpertations of the birdy!! :)


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