Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister...

I was so excited to find that this month's design team package for Scrapbooks Made Simple perfectly matched this photo of my sisters and I circa 1998.

By the way, my sisters do have heads in real life. They're just a little more protective of their privacy on the internet than I am. Of course, I respect their wishes to the fullest. Plus, I may still have some deep-seated resentment from years of childhood torture.
Just playin', sisters, you know I love you. That's why I put you next to pretty flowers and crystals.

And why I didn't photoshop little alien heads onto your bodies.


  1. Teri, I LOVE everything about this! The soft green and pink combo is so beautiful! The flowers are lovely especially the crocheted one! The machine stitching is great and did you chalk the pink butterflies on the shaped paper? Just wonderful!! :)

  2. Nice work chick!!! Love those stamped butterflies on the white! Gotta get my sewing machine up and running or get a new one. You, as usual, ROCK!!

  3. LOL you are seriously cracking me up. I wanna see the alien heads next time. ;) those roses. So gorg.

    P.S. you had me at "Hey sister". . .now I've got that song stuck in my head.

  4. Hi Teri! Okay, that is a great idea with the masking! I'll have to try that! Thomas is my nephew. No grandchildren yet, so Thomas has to get me through until then. LOL My brother is 7 years younger than me and they have started their family on the later side and I started on the earlier side. Thomas's cousins are 22, 20, 19 and 18, so no play dates with cousins. Last time I looked for Cricut mats, about a month ago, WM and Michaels were out too. :( I had to get mine at the LSS. I just finished my LO for the new site. It was a good challenge and got me to use colours that I would never pick. I can't help thinking, "easter egg"! I did see that girl get the play list at the concert. It was very sweet. What a lucky girl and it was so sweet how she started to cry with happiness. Glad to hear that you guys didn't get bad weather. We didn't get it like Calgary, just a bit of snow but soooo windy. I could feel the house shaking last night. I slept really bad because I find wind stressful. Give me a good thunder storm any day! Hope you have a fun weekend planned, or maybe you should rest up! ;) Jen
    P.S. We had another viewing tonight but we saw the couple as we left because they were early and they looked like they were 12!! Am I just getting old so they look younger? I wasn't expecting an offer. I told Rob that they probably had to go home to break open their piggy banks! Tee Hee

  5. super cute LO!! really pretty flowers and great design!! :) and lol@ photoshoping the alien heads!! I love reading your blog... you always crack me up!! :)

  6. Such a great layout (even with the missing heads!)!

  7. very lucky you have sisters to cherish !!! ;)

    such a lovely spring inspired layout too , Teri ! love all the ribbon details !! love the softness of colors !

    Trust you had a restful weekend !


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