Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a good Good Friday

Teri's Top Ten Reasons Why Today Rocks My Socks:

1) It's Good Friday. That means I don't have to work today.
2) Cliff signed his new contract this week, which means that he now works Monday to Friday with stat holidays off, just like me. In other words, we actually got to eat breakfast together for once.
3) We had BLTs for breakfast, sans the "L". *swoon*
4) It's nearly 5pm and I have spent most of today in my craft room. Here's proof:5) Tomorrow morning, I leave on a roadtrip with two fantastic girlfriends. Ikea, West Edmonton Mall, and the comedy club await!
6) My dog is being good today. I don't think she's barked once since I first let her out this morning. I think this might be a record or something. Actually...uhhh...I think I better go check if she's still breathing.
7) Molly is still breathing. Yesss.
8) Janet Jackson is on Oprah. *I miss you muuuuch! M.I.S.S. U Much!*
9) On Sunday night, we're going to see John Mayer. Seriously, I think this is my weekend. I must have horseshoes up my...errr...pocket.
10) I was actually organized enough to complete a holiday project in time to give it to someone before the holiday arrives. On Sunday morning, I'm going to give these to my two traveling companions. I got them each a little Lindt bunny:And I jazzed 'em up like so:I've had a teacher's edition of a grade-two reader in my drawer for over a year now, and I'm telling you, it was destiny that brought this book to mind today. A single page wrapped perfectly around one little box. The papers are from Cosmo Cricket, and I popped them up with foam tape over the ribbon, and then added a little bling flourish.

By the way, one of the reasons I was so attracted to that CC cross-stitch paper in the first place is because it reminds me of this:

This is the pillow case my dear sweet mom made for me when I was little. It's too small to fit on a standard pillow, so it's been in my linen closet in every place I've lived in since I first left home.

So, I was thinking, if someone has a cool idea for how to display my most coveted of pillowcases, I could add an 11th point to my "top ten" list. Any ideas?

This is shaping up to be the best Easter weekend ever. :)


  1. thanks for taking the time to comment on my sign!
    Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous weekend! I wish you Safe travels and fun!
    That pillow case is so cute! but I don't have any ideas at the moment, if anything comes to me, I'll let you know!
    take care!

  2. Oh, so sweet. I love the cross stitch...maybe frame it? Maybe get some batting, stuff it in there and then sew it shut? I have no idea, really. I hope you have a fun weekend! It sounds like you will. Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Check out my blog for a fun give away!

  3. I adore the way you wrap those. So. Cute. Dude, totally fun weekend. 'Specially the BLT's, man. I'm racking my brain on the best way to display that adorable pillow case. ..

  4. Well done!! Love the wrapping! Could you stretch the pillow case over a stretcher frame or canvas? Not sure. Have a great trip! Tell Cliff congrats!

  5. Love how you wrapped those gifts! Love the text look! The pillowcase from your mom is so sweet. I x-stitched pillowcases for my girls when they were young. Maybe you could use it as a dresser scarf so you get to see it more! Have a fun weekend. WEM on a holiday weekend Saturday.... you are brave! ;) Yay, tomorrow is JM!! :)

  6. Wow ! It is a fantabulous Easter weekend for you , Teri ! So much going on !

    Can't wait for you to report back now ! ;)

    Yes, you definitely frame up that special crosstitch !

  7. I mentioned you in my post today :)

  8. Teri: I wanted to thank you so very much for the sweet comments you make on my blog. I appreciate your kind words during what has been a difficult time☺

    Finally around to catch up with all my girls and holy cow are you having an awesome weekend! Can't wait to hear about it all. I am a recent fan of John Mayer's. I used to think his previous stuff was "good" but it seems like all his latest stuff I just LOVE. But my favorite song is the one with the line, "Say what you mean to say..." Hope he's as good in concert as on his CDs.

    You wrapped up your little treats so nicely, no one is going to want to open them! Great job and I just love your sweet little pillow case. What a special keepsake☺


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