Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweets for the sweet

Scraps of bright and cheery paper make for super-cute and simple 11th-hour Easter cards.

I have the cutest niece and nephews in the land. Hopefully they'll enjoy these cards - and hopefully they'll arrive to their far-off destinations in time! While I wish I could be there to watch the kids gather eggs...

I am perfectly happy to be in my own home when the sugar rush sets in.

Well, actually, I'll be at the John Mayer concert on Sunday night enjoying a little candy of my own with a couple of girlfriends. (Ear candy, Cliff. Ear candy.)

{These are a simplified version of the cards Frances made with her Paper Poppy kit from March. Thanks, Frances!}


  1. Sooo ca-ute! I need NEED to learn how to make card like this. It's too much for my small brain. I need one on one lessons.

  2. Hey Teri, guess where I am going on Sunday night??? Yes, to see MY boyfriend Johnny!! LOL Too funny. I remember reading in one of your posts that you were a fan too. I am a total John Mayer nerd. I saw him when he came to Edmonton last time... 2007, I think. He is soooo amazing. I love his newest CD. Well, I actually love everything he does artistically. I'm going with my daughter and her friend and Rob is even coming this time. We will have to discuss his review at some point! :) You can definitely have a raincheck for coffee!! Your girlfriends may not enjoy scrappy talk but they have amazing taste in music!! LOL Enjoy the concert. :) The cards for your niece and nephews are so sweet! They will love them!

  3. Those cards are SO cute!! :) Love them!!

  4. Super cards, I love the legs on the chicky!

  5. super cute cards!! hope you have fun at the concert!!

  6. I love 11th hour cards. I make a pile of them for birhtdays and baby showers and thank you's!!! You are so talented with scrapbooking. I stink at it!

  7. I had to LOL when I read your entry...Take a picture it lasts longer!! I remember the days we would about wear this saying out!! Hee-hee!
    Great blog and I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower :)


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