Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Crazy in love". Or, "Crazy, in love".

So my little project from the other night's not done. Boo, I say! Boo!

I had hoped to get into my craft room last night, but then it was discovered that "the secondary panel [in our furnace] has a short". That's fancy-talk for "it's friggin cold in here."

Luckily, I rent from fantastic people who are on it like rockstars. Or like glitter on everything you own six months after you've used glitter.

That being said, I'm at home sick today, and I'm hangin' out in bed 'cause dis is where da heat's at, yo.

One little space heater = one warm room. Cliff has just arrived home from work, so it seems doubtful that the aforementioned "one room" will wind up being my craft room.

So, here's a previously-made page -- and one of my faves! -- to satisfy my need to post.

BoBunny Double-Dot, Colorbok transparency, papers from a Me &My Big Ideas slab, white rub-ons of unknown origin, and craptacular photography courtesy of the incandescent bulbs in my kitchen.
Who makes that typeface paper? It was one of my favourites and I used up every last scrap. Methinks I need some more.The flocked-and-winged heart was cut from the same M&MBI slab. I curled the wings and popped them up with foam tape.

The stitching around the circle was done in a somewhat haphazard fashion. It serves me well that "haphazard" actually looks good when it comes to sewing on paper.

What a mushy layout.

I guess you could say, "I've got my love to keep me warm!"

To which I would groan and curl up a little tighter in my duvet. But I'd be smiling on the inside.

PS: Just thought you'd like this little tidbit. Cliff sings to the dog a lot. I mean, a lot. Often these are made-up songs, or versions of songs he's been playing on the radio that day, as he's in broadcasting. He also likes to sing in a particular register that really gets the dog howling.

So he's been in the kitchen, cooking and singing. Of course, Molly started howling.

To which he just facetiously responded, "Yeah, I know the words, I effing made it up!"

Ahhhh. *Swoon* He's all mine, ladies.

PPS: He just told the dog that she'll "never work in this town again!", Al Capone-style. On the other hand, he also just brought me eggs and toast in bed. I guess I have to take the good with the crazy.

Yeah, yeah. "Birds of a feather." Point taken.

The Girl Creative


  1. LOL Terry! I LOVE reading your posts!! You always make me laugh. Sorry that you are feeling unwell today, especially with a lack of heat. That is not fun. :( I love this LO. I love mushy LO's. ( My next one of Rob is going to be titled, "Eight Days a Week" . Yeah, I got the idea from that old Beatles song that I heard on the radio last week. And yes, the journaling will read, "I love you." Original, eh?? ;) ) I really like the way you have done the repeated machine stitching on the circle. I'm still afraid to try this. I'm shy with machine sewing and have some problems accepting randomness. I too have a soft spot for any kind of a text patterned paper. I can't believe that your kit still didn't come! It has to come tomorrow. :) Glad to hear that you too have been screeched. Keep warm and have a fun day with singing Cliff and howling Molly! :) I think that crazy is a good thing! :)

  2. lol your post is too funny... my husband talks to the animals like that too!:) love that layout... i can see why it's one of your favorite! thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment... i die-cut those cork flowers with my cuttlebug! i hope your heat gets fixed soon!!

  3. Hi Teri, The book for your sister is very sweet!! $15 for mailing!!! That is so insane! I just sent a small box to my nephew for the same price and I thought that was crazy, because I have sent really large boxes to my sister who lives in the same neighbourhood, for the same price. Maybe they charge $15 for everything!! LOL Oops, here I am ranting about the post office again. I think I need a life ;)

  4. I can definitely picture Cliff singing to Molly, its so his style! you guys are adorable 2gether *grin* I hear ya about sick, sore throat sneezing and sniffles over here! PS thank you for the sweet comment you left me on facebook, I am so grateful to friends...

  5. Great layout and wonderful blog!

  6. Oooh I LOVE that typeface paper too. The heart with wings is the perfect touch!

  7. oooo so sorry to hear you haven't been well ! & I home the heater situation is corrected now !!

    It's great to hear your Cliff is taking good care of you too & yeah ! while singing to your dog ! lol ! very cute stories !!!

  8. Great page, I really like the wings! I am attracted to those kinds of whimsical embellishements but then can never find the right way to use them on my pages that feels like me. "These are the magical years..." is that predone, like on a transparency? Or are you lucky enough to have a 12X12 large format printer?


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