Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hallelujah! I can see my craft table!

Because I spent last night and this morning making my scrap space look like this:

***Editor's note: Notice Cliff's old dresser on the left? Full of scrappity goodness! That said - how is it that I added more furniture, but the room feels bigger? Either I'm spatially-challenged, or I'm about to hear the "Twilight Zone" theme music any minute now. Will keep you updated about said music.

...and because I went to Rona and had new shelves cut for my bookshelf so that I'd have space for all my boxes of scrapcrap, like so:...I had the energy (and tidy space!) to create these thank-you cards for my mom using Frances' great card sketches over at the Paper Poppy Co.:

And because I knew where everything was, I was able to make them out of bits and pieces from my stash!
Life is so very good when you can see the top of your scrap table.


  1. YAY! It looks great! I am actually quite jealous! I thought about cleaning, but decided to make more mess. It's a viscious cycle!

  2. great job!!!
    i can only create when everything is organized too!

  3. Your "studio" looks terrific!! You must feel so good to have it all so organized!! Great that you are able to still use the dresser. Great storage space. Your cards are great! I love the machine stitching. I made no brainer cards from a BG kit tonight. So much fun and I always feel like a little kid following the instructions to find the numbered embellishments that match the card number that I am working on. I am planning on doing the Poppy card sketches with some of my scraps!
    Have fun scrapping in your awesome space! :)

  4. Nothing sweeter than a clean craft table. That happens 3 times every 365 days for me.

  5. Mmmm, there's not much more I love than a clean craft table. :) Cute cards too!

  6. Love the cards!

    I'm awful at keeping my craft area clean, it makes my husband twitch.

    : )

  7. It looks great! I just cleaned mine off earlier this week and also reorganized my craft area to give myself more desk space. Now, if I could just manage to go use it. LOL ;)


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