Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it wrong that I like this?

Ok, here's something weird about me: I love to put together IKEA furniture.

Now, I have been so very inspired by the fab furniture makeovers that creative peeps have been posting all over the web, but when we decided to bite the bullet and get some new dressers, I knew that I wanted to go to IKEA for a matching pair.

Go ahead. Judge me. But there's just something about following the pictorial directions and putting together all of the oddly-shaped and tightly-packed pieces that satisfies something deepdown inside me that loves logic and order and rules. (Normally I shut that part up with cake for breakfast and spontaneous song and dance, but once in a while, I indulge.) It makes me feel very capable and independent.
In short, PVR'd Law and Order: SVU + IKEA furniture + a big ol' plate of yam fries = a happy Teri on Spring Break. Mess in the living room be damned.

In addition to the aforementioned furniture-assembly-induced-bliss, these new dressers are a massive upgrade from our old ones. Mine was the same one I had when I was 5, and the particle-board drawers had been re-built multiple times. (We laid the bottom drawer to rest over 5 years ago. Sadly, there has been a large, gaping, ever-present hole in our lives since then. Please see said hole below.)

Cliff's wasn't much better. It was once a child's dresser that I bought for $10 (hey, big spender!) at a yard sale when I was in college and we were broke as a joke. It hold approximately 1.36 mens' t-shirts side-by-side.

I did what I could at the time by painting them both black (gloss - I had no clue) and adding super-cheap matching hardware to make them look alright, but clearly, these things gots ta go.

And now, we are the proud new owners of adequate drawer-space. Behold!

Enough space for Cliff's t-shirts x umpteen future laundry days = happy Teri x 104

Plus, that old dresser of Cliff's will make a perfect addition to my craft room. More to come on my attempts to clean up that abomination pretty up that space soon! :) Then, I can finally get to scrapping.

Last week, I was feeling so exhausted and unmotivated...but I'm back, baby! :)

{Thanks so much for your advice and commiseration last week, ladies!}


  1. You are pretty weird my girl! I always knew there was something odd about you, but I could never put my finger on it! Nice new dresser!

  2. Hi Teri!! Looks like you had some fun shopping at Ikea!! The dresser is great. My eldest daughter has the exact one and my youngest daughter has it in white!! You are quite the woman putting that furniture together. I always leave that job to my husband and notice that he never has that happy expression on his face like the people in the catalogue. That must be you!! LOL So happy to hear that you are feeling rested and you still have some time left in your vacation!! Can't wait to see what you are planning with your scrappy space!! Tomorrow I'm making cards!! Aphra has some good card sketches up on Paper Poppy and it has me inspired. Enjoy your remaining days off!! :)

  3. Nice change! We have that same dresser in my sons room. What a steal! Love IKEA!

  4. Ikea rocks. I love that place. I could spend many a happy hour getting lost in the vast caverns of warehouse furniture. Your dresser looks awesome. I love putting together Ikea furniture. I always do it in front of my husband so he knows I could am an independent woman (hear me roar). :) Enjoy your vacation!

  5. I find it odd, but hey, whatever floats your boat! :) I'm glad you're happy. Lots of reasons to be happy, new storage AND a new piece for the craft storage! yay!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on the cane back chair I redid for Jamie.
    I hope you have a great (restful) weekend!


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