Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's some insight for ya.

I like to call this one, "Portrait of the Artist in her Natural State of Crazy".

But I thought that might turn some people off, so formally, it's known as "It's kind of fun to ride the super roll-y carts at IKEA."

I used the SOS sketch (love it!) over at the Paper Poppy Kit Co., and incorporated random and assorted altered alphas in keeping with their alpha challenge.

I'm a sketch-noob, but apparently, I love it and have been seriously missing out! (Maybe that's because I'm so "sketchy"! Ha! ...Stop groaning, Cliff. I know you're at work, but I can hear you all the way across town.)

And now, I am off to prepare a novel study on To Kill a Mockingbird. On a Sunday. While the sun is shining. And the birds are singing and the blue sky is taunting me through my window.

(It's a great book. But seriously - why couldn't today be rainy?)

If there was any doubt as to the source of my questionable sanity, we may have just found it, my friends.

At least "crazy" makes for good scrapping-fodder.

So, inquiring minds want to know:
  1. Do you use sketches? Are you a sketch-noob like me, or are you a seasoned vet?
  2. Have you ever ridden the super-roll-y carts at IKEA? And if far do you think one could travel in an open space, if given a good push? I am interested in your hypotheses for purely scientific reasons. (Unless, of course, you have access to a super-roll-y cart and an open space. In which case, please contact me ASAP.)
***Editor's note: Sorry for the re-post, but I realized that I forgot to give credit to Kayla Aimee at Only Slightly Neurotic for the free printable circle embellies! Love them! Thanks, KA!


  1. Love it!!! What a super fun LO!! You absolutley need to send this one in for publishing!! You are seriously a talented scrapper!

  2. Teri, this LO is terrific!! Love your title and the overall fun vibe!! The alphas are great and I love your take on Francis's sketch. The center spot used for the title work is awesome! I agree with Adrienne that this is magazine worthy!! BTW, if I'm ever at Ikea and see a crazy lady riding the cart, I'll just assume that it's you and I'll come over and say hi!! ;)

    I only started using sketches last year and don't know how I ever lived without them. Before sketches, I would get my inspiration from magazines where I would basically break the LO down, in my mind, back into a sketch. I'll have to ride the cart next time I'm at Ikea and get back to you on your second question. ;)

    Good luck with the novel study. I read it in Grade 8 and remember doing a project where I had to make a newspaper. The different articles discussed aspects of the book. It was fun! I loved English class and opted for a second enriched english class daily instead of home economics. That must be why I hate the kitchen!!! :)

  3. Ohh this is SO cute! I LOVE your title, it just makes me smile one of those huge smailes that eventually make your face hurt :) I started using sketches about a year ago and I fell in love! I use sketches for a lot of my LO's. I can honestly say I have never ridden the Roll-y carts at Ikea (because I have never been there) GASP! But I have been known to cruise the isles at WallyWorld attached to the front of a cart while the DH pushes me....good times!

  4. I'm glad you liked my envelope tutorial, thanks for the compliment!

    I LOVE Ikea with an affection that borderlines on obession and yes I SO have ridden around on those carts. Really like your title treatment and the funky letter usage. Everything is bright and cheerful.

    I happen to also really like sketches, they are what got me first scrapbooking. I used the ones by Becky Higgens of Creating Keepsake fame. I got her first special edition magazine of sketches and that opened a whole new world for me. They are a great way to get started and crank out some pages. It can be overwhelming when you first begin with all the paper and embellishement choices. I've directed quite a few people to use sketches to get them going. I still refer to them but also like improvishing or doing what feels right for me.

    PS: Thanks for suggestion about Mustard Seed, had never heard of it before and really am enjoying it.

  5. LOVE your take on the SOS sketch! Love your sense of humor...too fun! I'm completely adddicted to sketches. I blame it on my 1 year old and almost 4 year old. I don't get much time to scrap and am usually pretty wiped out by the time I get to. I need a quick jump start to my creativity and the sketches are just that!

  6. Love your take on the sketch, Teri! And the mix of alphas is magical! You are a hoot and I just love reading your scrapbook "fodder"...great $5 word as I used to tell my Seniors. :)

  7. You are too funny !

    No sketch noob here I'm afraid but rather a sketch junkie ! why ? cos life is too short , I have way too much not terribly organized stash - sketches allow me to focus & zoom in quickly on a well designed layout which will incorporate what I would prefer to use at that point in time ! wow ! that's quite a mouthful , huh /! lol .

    What an interesting subject that you've scrapped here ! no! never thought of going on a joy ride on an Ikea trolley I'm afraid ! ;(


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