Thursday, March 25, 2010

Checkin' em off my list.

I'm just home from day one of two in our annual Teacher's Convention. I have learned so very much today that my students will be excited about (who wants to debate capital punishment??) but I am in serious information-overload at the moment.

So, here's my plan:

1. Make a list of things to do. Check.

2. Grab a drink. I shall not disclose the variety. But please remember, it's five o'clock somewhere. Check.

3. Write this post. Use it to answer a couple of queries sent my way. Half-check.

4. Scrap my little head off. (Actually, that's not true. I have a rather large head.)

Ok, so let's get to number three.

Query A) "What do you do with all those pretty ribbons, Teri? Your scrap-space looks lovely and that pic at the top of your blog is awesome!!! You ROCK!" (Anonymous)
Well, first of all, I think this was probably my mom. Who else is that nice to me? :) I use them to make pretty messes. Oh, and I use ribbon to tie around cards, and sometimes as a layer on scrapbook layouts. But lately, I've mostly been using it to tie around gifts. Especially since I found some gorgeous white-on-black polka-dot gift wrap, I can customize my gift wrap for the intended person super easily. Oh, and I don't have to hear Cliff complaining that his buddy Bob's gift is too "pretty".

Query B) "Yaya! Wanna see exactly what you got in there. . ." (Mandi)

The "there" is my March Paper Poppy kit, which finally arrived yesterday! (Ahh, the joys of living in the north!) And so, here it is in all its glory...
Except, the Cosmo Cricket "Red Line" Ready-Set-Chip alphas didn't make it into the photo. How vexing.

And now, I'm off to dive into that kit. But before I go, please go check out the "Giveaway with a Heart" at Sarah Ann's Bon Mot ! This is a cause I feel really strongly about. Here's what she has to say about it...

"Well, I have found an amazing organization called NightLight International that rescues girls in and at risk of trafficking and prostitution in Thailand. They also give them jobs to help them earn money and learn a different lifestyle. And, guess what they do? Make jewelry! Actually, they have a business and teach the girls all different aspects. Some learn to design jewelry, and some make it, and some learn the business side of it. I love this idea, because they are not only doing something to help the girls get out of terrible situations, but they help them stay out, which is so effective!"

Head on over there to help out and potentially win a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Thank you, Sarah Ann, for your big heart! :)


  1. Haha! I love reading your posts! Cheers to 5 o clock somewhere! :)

  2. Hi Teri! Have fun creating with your kit!! Don't get too carried away with your "drink" for fear that your creation does not look quite as wonderful in the light of day. ;) My daughter did that last year making Christmas cards with her friend and drinking wine. At first it helped to expand her creativity, but then you could really see which cards were made in a drunken state. Too funny!! :) I just ordered the April kit and add on of the letters. Aphra said that pre-orders will be shipped March 31. Yay!! She said she thought of us when she decided to do pre-orders. What a sweetie! Have a good day at your conference tomorrow. Hope your head doesn't hurt at the end of the day. :)

  3. Oh la la that stuff looks awesome. No wonder you were excited for it! I want some!


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