Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Straight outta the 90s, yo.

Ok, ladies and gents, in keeping with this week's theme of all-things-ugly, I am about to show you the transformation of what very well may be the ugliest clock that was ever made by human hands.

Just how ugly, you ask? Well, my fine friends, take a gander...

***Editor's note: Just so you know, I usually forget to do before pics until I've already started my project. I can be very impulsive. Don't be hatin'.

I found this little beauty at the Sally Ann on Saturday. I can see her now, up on the mantle of a lovely young married couple circa 1991. The husband asks his new wife for the time as he adjusts his parachute pants. She casually looks up from The Cosby Show as she runs her pick through her spiral-permed hair and lets him know it's exactly half-past seven. Almost time for Blossom.

Ahh. Wedded bliss.

Yes, this little clock was once a prized accent piece. I found it on a shelf of junk for $3.50.

But never fear...I had a plan for this poor little clock! This little lady had a date with scrappy destiny...behold!

So now you're either thinking, "Hey, I have a clock like that (though I'd never admit it to another living soul)" or "Hey, she finished this clock just after noon! How very organized and domestic!" or "Hey, she finished this in the middle of the night! This chick has no life!"

No, I will not tell you which of those is actually true.

But, just in case you were wondering, here's how it went down...

First step: pry off numbers. Discard. These are ugly and you should not keep these. I see you trying to sneak them into your stash. "But maybe I'll use them..." Don't you dare! I said discard. Discard!

Oh, and take off the clock parts, too.
Sand it down a little. Take out your frustrations. Don't think of it as punishment for being an ugly clock. Think of it as a little incentive to never be so ugly again.
Paint her up using a concoction of craft-paint colours to make something that looks like antique white. Break out the fresh bottle of antique white craft paint that you keep on hand for just such an occasion, pat yourself on the back for being so very organized, and paint that baby up. It doesn't have to be perfect, because then, you'll dry-brush it a little with brown paint, and then take your sandpaper to the edges a little.
Measure and cut the paper you'll use for your background, then decorate her all nice and lovely. I used my Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot, some Stampin' Up chipboard, some random buttons and floss, ink and paint.
Adhere it to the last remaining ugly portion of the clock. I used spray adhesive in the middle and glue dots around the edges to ensure that the ugly bits would never again see the light of day. Slide in one edge of the paper first so it's lined up with the ...uhhh.... outer molding thingy. Then slowly lower the paper into the ...uhhh... inner non-molding part.
Here's what you have so far. Now, to reattach the clocky parts.
Now, here's where it gets technical. You may want to get a pencil and paper for this part. Are you ready? Ok. Hold the clock up to a light, and (you still with me?) wherever you see the light shining through, poke your pokey tool through the paper.

Whew. This explanation is exhausting. Wasn't sure I was going to make it through that last one. Good thing I had breakfast this morning.Ok, so now, you're ready to reassemble the clockworks. It helps if you lay them out on your table in the order you took them off the clock so you don't end up with a Wonderland clock that moves backwards and sends you on a random journey through time or something.

On second thought, please try that. That sounds way cooler than this clock.

When you're done, you'll have a clock fit to give your fabulous scrappy friend Adrienne on her birthday. (Alas, it won't send her through the looking-glass, but at least you won't be giving her a clock fit for the Golden Girls' mantle.)

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And while you're at could stop by Adrienne's blog and wish her a happy belated birthday! :)


  1. Cute idea! and thanks for the bloggy love :)

  2. Very cute idea! I love the way you used the scrap book items.

  3. Love this project! Such a green idea!! I love the thought of something being reinvented!!

  4. You did such a great job! I love it (the after, not the before, lol!) Your blog background is gorgeous, by the way!!

  5. You, my little chickee, crack me up!!! It is no wonder that you have as many followers as you do. I have to admit I am discussing it with the green eyed monster as I type. Nice work, both on the clock and the entertaining bloggin'.

  6. Great job Teri! And, yes, it's definitely time for the 90s to GO!! Ha ha... thanks for the blog comment. :)

  7. Amazing idea--gives a fresh perspective on ugly old things like the clock! Thanks for sharing!

  8. That is adorable! LOVE your 1991 humor bit too. :-) Thanks for sharing at the POPP!

  9. Too cute! I have been looking for a bloggy clock project and I think you may have inspired me!

  10. cute clock and funny post! :)
    don't discard those numbers! save them! repurpose them! paint those suckers! hahaha

  11. Ok! This is simply adorable!!! I like it as a picture, love it as a clock! Thanks for linking up to Whatever goes Wednesday at

  12. Sweet, this is awesome! I love all your posts!!!

  13. Very cute clock!!
    Just wanted to tell you I got the video working on my magnet board tutorial.
    Here it is:
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. Hey Teri! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a great idea you had for this clock. So cute!!! Gotta give it a try sometime! :)

  15. I love your clock makeover. I am especially loving all things with birds lately. Especially since it's now spring in California, where I am...
    Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog about my sports ball shelf!


  16. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Thought I would take at look at yours and I'm so glad I did. I think I've enjoyed reading yours as much as I've enjoyed seeing all the projects you've done. I love it. Definitely will be back for more.

  17. That clock turned out awesome! You really did a great job putting that all together!

    Thank you so much for sharing and thanks for stopping by!

  18. Oh, way cute clock! You did a great job. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

  19. Love it!!! I am going to give those ugly little clocks a second look too see if they are worth saving! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!


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