Friday, February 5, 2010

Saying "Hi!" to Hybrid

So I was cruising around on my regular daily blog hop last night(sitting on the couch curled of with my MacBook - surprise, surprise!) when I found this post from Teresa Collins, followed by this one from Jennie Bowlin. Each of these fine ladies is giving away a free month's subscription to a new online digital scrapbooking site called ScrapHD, just for posting a page you've created with a free trial of their website. So I thought to myself, "Self, you better make at least one digital page so you can enter these giveaways."

Turns out, it was kind of fun!

Now I will admit, I have avoided digital scrapbooking in the past. I'm not really fussy about the faux-3d look (I appreciate other people's work, but it's just not my taste!). Plus, I need to get my hands dirty. Ink and glue and glitter and, and, and...make my heart happy!

That being said, I recently became interested in hybrid scrapbooking, especially when I saw all of the printable goodies over at
House of 3. I've also really liked some of Ali Edwards' hybrid layouts wherein she journals digitally in the whitespace of her photos before printing them to create a "traditional layout". But, I didn't have the know-how. I've done some very simple work with Gimp, a free Photoshop-like program, but I am a total beginner. In fact, "beginner" may be a little too kind. And often, the digital-scrapbooking tutorials I've found online haven't worked with Gimp, and I've wound up frustrated and ready to throw my precious computer across the room.

I'm just kidding, my love, I would never do something so horrible.

Plus, as we have learned, I am way too thrifty to invest in Photoshop! This program, though, seems to be entirely web-based and is reasonably priced. But this layout I completed was free free FREE! /happy dance

(Editor's note: I'm not sure how to make the image smaller so that you can see it without the edge cut here's a direct link to the image in scrapHD: . You'll have to sign up for a free account to see it.)

So, I've submitted this LO for the draws for a free month of service...and I think that, even if I don't win, I may invest in it for at least a month. I think it will be an easy and inexpensive way to create pages on nights when I don't really have the time or energy to dive into my hands-on stash, and then I can add "real" embellishments on the printed pages.

Pages can also be printed in multiple, so it will be an easy(er) way to create multiple albums for family.
Theoretically, it will be a money-saver as well (score!) because the "papers" can be reused over and over again.

Plus, we all know that I'm going to be on my MacBook anyhow. So really, this addition to my scrappy arsenal (sp?) is really only fitting. ;)

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