Thursday, February 4, 2010


I fell in love this weekend. Madly, deeply in love.

Honestly, I didn't know I could love like this. I think this is
the beginning of a long and torrid affair.

His name is Sure Cuts A Lot.
{Insert blissful sigh and fluttering eyelids here}

Have you heard of this? It's a downloadable software program that allows you to cut any true-type font or SVG file (also downloadable - for free all over the web!!) with your Cricut machine, and honestly, I think it's the best scrapbooking investment I have ever made. I can hook up my laptop to my Cricut Create with a USB cable, and poof - magic! The possibilities are endless.

I'm lov
ing being able to choose a font that I've downloaded (mostly from that suits my LO perfectly, rather than having to rely only on my Cricut cartridges. So, clearly my newly-acquired tool appeals to the, uh, thrifty scrapper in me (I can just hear my mother's gentle but admonishing voice in my head right now. "You're not cheap, sweetheart, you're thrifty. Thanks for the clarification, Mom.)

Here's a page I completed for Scrapbooks Made Simple using a free SVG file (the tree) which I found here and a free font. The journalling reads:
  • Scrapping for: 4 years
  • Favourite technique: sewing on paper
  • My style: Ever-changing (mostly modern)
  • Favourite embellishments: Die cuts
  • Current favourite manufacturer: Fancy Pants (Editor's note: honestly, I only picked this because I had to pick one...I love so many that I really couldn't pick just one!)
  • Solo/group scrapper: Solo for productivity, group for fun!
So there you have it. A public announcement of my unyielding love for Sure Cuts A Lot. (Cliff's joke: "Clever name. It must be good because a product called "Sure Cuts a Couple of Things" just wouldn't have the same appeal.") Though it's still early in our romance, this program has been so good to me.

And they say chivalry is dead.

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