Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Self, I've been busy.

Ok.  Maybe not "busy" in the normal sens of the word "busy".

But you know that phrase "pics or it didn't happen?"

Well, here you go:
 We spent a really rainy day at a rock music festival.
 And an evening at a pub for a local music contest.
 I installed a cat-door which the cat promptly avoided like the plague.  Or a really large dog.
We went to a Brazilian barbecue that had a phenomenal buffet...
 And sideways waiters, apparently.
 We went to IKEA and laughed at this parts machine.
 And to see a very blurry Jerry Seinfeld live.
 I bought a boatload of scrapbooking stuff, both new and pre-loved.
 I saw Molly and Maggie for the first (and only) time in the year they've lived together.
 I made brownies.
 And installed shelves.
 I scrapped at a Saturday crop.
 And when to Cliff's favourite restaurant with friends.
 I reconnected with my best friend from high school.
 And had a barbecue where we played Quelf, the funnest game I've ever played.
 I went to my grandpa's lakeside memorial.
 And played with my niece and nephews.
 We visited Cliff's family.
 And I painted some birdhouses that Cliff's nana gave me.
And, I made this Chocolate-coconut bar dessert, as well as Donut Muffins, and they were delish.

So.  It may feel like I've done nothing this summer?  But trust me, self.  I have.



  1. Wow, you HAVE been busy! I'm exhausted just reading about it all. LOL Too funny about the cat door. Cats are so weird and I have two myself to prove it. And, mmmmm, chocolate and coconut, yummy.

  2. Whew, you've been busy girl. Looks like you're having a great summer~

  3. Hi Teri!! Yes, you have been busy!! You had better start resting up before school starts again. Your summer makes mine seem quite uneventful. I'm too old to keep up that pace. ;) Loved seeing all of your pictures. LOVE that one of Molly and Maggie together. That is too cute!! My Maggie and Lady don't care for each other too much. Funny how dogs can be. Oh well tough, they are meant to live in packs, They'll work it out. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments that you have left on my blog. I always appreciate them. :) Now go and rest up!!

  4. Me again! I forgot to mention how lovely your LO is. I love the stitching on the squares and the title work is great!! Cute picture too!

  5. Yeah I think you have been busy! And I think it all looks like I a lot of fun! How come we can't be old high school friends who get together for dinner?


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