Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A layout. I made this.

So I went to a crop with my dear friend Adrienne in July.  And in one day?  I completed six layouts.  Six.

That’s a new record, dude.

One was the “Blending In” page I showed you the other day. 

And to continue with the animal theme, here’s another:

That’s my dad with his dog and mine last summer on the trails near where I grew up.

This one started with this sketch from Creative Scrappers:
I even included some Jennifer-style scattered do-dads, stitching across my letters, and random cross-stitches.

Seriously, that woman has affected my scrapping in a big way.

Oh, and in a little way, too.  Those clouds up there?  Are from this kit I won from Jen and her sister Susan who are wicked embellishment-makers.
Wait.  I mean the they are wicked at making embellishments.  As in cool.  Not that the two of them are somehow wicked.  As in nasty.

Anyhow, it’s a layout.  And I made it.  And Jen and Susan helped.


  1. Nice do-dads! Jen IS good at scattering stuff, isn't she? Six LOs? Wow, I don't think I've ever done six LOs in a month, let alone in a day! LOL I like the way you did the white title. The clouds look nice too. I haven't used any of mine yet - probably because I never seem to do any actual scrapbooking! I'm more of a "scrappy supply collector". If the scrapping industry ever dies I'll be set for ages!

  2. You is on a scrappin' roll!

    I must tell you: when you said "laboratory", as in "LaH-BOr-A-Tory" I nearly died.

    WE have the same brain you and I. I totally heard Ross' voice in my head. You know? When he's speaking with an english accent? "In the laboratory. . ."

  3. Well I just totally love this LO!! The embellishment is just perfect! hee hee I may be biased. ;) The scattering is spot on and I am loving all the hand stitching. I really like the addition of the tree die cut to the emptier space of your photo. Your layering is terrific. Okay, now I have to use my clouds. They are still sitting there forgotten. (Keep in mind that any inspo that came from me, I probably stole from someone else! ;) Gotta love the sharing in this bloggy world of ours)

    As far as classes at the LSS I am probably the wrong person to ask as I never do crops or classes. There is a store quite close to TM called "Scrap-A-Lot" but based on the kits I have seen on the wall there may not be much insp there for you. Not like the things that TM creates.

    I am really loving the Studio Calico kits and I think I might continue to get them for a bit. There is so much in them that is exclusive to their kits. I always love the palettes too. They just get my mojo going.


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