Monday, August 22, 2011

“Installing a cat door” or “How to temporarily reverse your cat’s litter training”

Hello, dear friends.  It’s been awhile.

And as such?  I’m going to teach you something.  Like how to install a cat door.

Or, how to make your cat relieve herself on the floor for the first time in her life because she’s so afraid of a cat door.

Remember camo-cat?
 She was trying to blend in this day.
Incidentally, I recently scrapped this photo:
Based on this sketch:
And fell in lurve with these little clear bobbles (and tried to position them a la Jen!)
But I digress.

Let’s say you move into a new house.
And this new house has a basement.
And you have a dog with some strange issues because she was a stray.
And you’ve never had her in a house with a basement before.

And apparently she likes to poop in the basement.

Yeah.  Let’s say that.

And then let’s say that you have a cat whose litter box needs to go in the basement.  So you have to leave the door open for the cat and closed for the dog.

It’s quite a conundrum, but never fear, friends who are following me on this hypothetical ride!  I have a solution!

Enter: the interior cat door!
It was super cheap.  Like, $10.17 or something at Home Depot.

Plus?  It was really easy.  And fun.  ‘Cause I got to cut through a door, y’all.

Let’s begin, shall we?
First, take the plastic rim of the cat door and put it where you want it.  You may want to measure this part, but since I’m badass, I didn’t.  That’s right.  I said it.  My cat door may be slightly askew.  Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?
Then, drill through the door at the corners.

Next, take a Skil saw (I think that’s what they’re called – the handheld one with the jigsaw-type blade), insert it through the holes and cut from one to the next.  And no, I didn’t take the door off the hinges.  Just more evidence of my badassity.
You may need to cut the back side of the door a little if your cuts weren’t totally perpendicular to the door.  That’s where I freehanded it a little.  Did I mention I’m a total badass with no regard for proper power-tool usage?  Then, fit the plastic into the hole and attach it with the screws and foam tape.
And there you have it.  A cat door of epic proportions!
Excellent!  Check out that plastic flap with all its dog-keeping-out-ity!  This is going to be awesome!

And now to teach the cat to go through it.

I tried coaxing.  I tried treats.  I tried shoving her through. 

But you know that phrase, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out?”

Yeah.  Apparently neither did she.  So I woke up the next morning to cat poop on my kitchen floor.

So now we have a flapless cat door.

But at least everyone’s pooping in the right place again.


  1. I think I just found a new favorite word: "badassity." That is freaking awesome.

  2. LOL!!! Have you ever considered doing stand-up? And hey, we use that same method of "badassity" when it comes to DIY projects. Who needs to really be accurate when you can just call it "done"? Our motto has always been, "it's good enough". By the way, since you seem to be so good at getting stuff done, do you think you could come fix my leaky faucet next time you're in Edmonton? ;-) I know if you could do what you did with that plumber's putty, you can surely fix my leaky faucet!

  3. LOL Teri you are too funny!!! I knew you were totally bad ass when you first showed us some of your power tools!! A great install and here's to everyone pooping where they should!! Do I dare include my little Lady in this category? I have probably just jinxed my luck as of late. ;) And, why is it that we have these little furry friends anyway? Well I guess for me I am replacing daughters. (Lisa moves out next month.) The placement of the clear embellishments is perfect!! Well done!!! :)

  4. Hey there, I don't think it is a Skil Saw because that is the round one. I think you might be thinking of a sabre saw? I love the cat door and all your posts, and I am so glad you are back, badassity and all! SOOT!


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