Saturday, July 23, 2011

We be pinnin'.

People?  I think I have a sickness.


I have been pinning so much lately that I have lost track of time.  And possibly thought it was Thursday two days in a row.

Neither of which was Thursday.

Oh.  Sorry.  Guess I should back the bus up a little.  Have you heard of Pinterest?

It's like an online bulletin board where you pin images of stuff you find online that you like, and the photo you pin to your board is a hyperlink to the original source of the image.

The result is a visual compilation of the awesomest stuff on the internet.

Here are a few of my favourite pins of late:
Made these last night.  So yummy.

I shall make many of these.

Save the books, people!

The Doors?  Plus stairs?  You had me at "hello".

No she wasn't.

How are people so clever?

Oooh.  Gettin' deep on ya.

Oh, the irony.  I must make this.

So, what do you think?  Do you pin?  Or are you disPINterested? 


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  1. I don't pin, I'm not dispinterested - just terrified of becoming totally obsessed with the whole idea if I did start it! But, you have found and pinned some GREAT things here, so I think I'll maybe just follow your pinning and let you do all the work, okay? LOL LOVE that little crocheted heart banner and I think I will seriously have to make one of these to decorate my scrapping area.

  2. Totally enjoyed your picks!! That X-stitch is hilarious! Love the Jersey Shore one. Got to share that with my DD#1. I have not joined in on this new craze. Just afraid of wasting even more time on my computer than I already do. I do tend to get on tangents. ;) I'll follow yours too!! :)

  3. Bwahahahaha! You crack me up! I love your pins!

  4. we be pinnin'... a mystic flying donair... Ter you are a class act with a onion ring in hand! I have only a few precious moments as my 4 month old princess naps, I should clean my floors fold some laundry, start supper, take a shower even, but somehow (an easy somehow) I have lost myself in your blog! It's my own fault that I've been on this site for an hour now, clearly I just don't check it out as often as i should! you are brilliant and I love you xo


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