Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I saved this shower curtain from lifelong trauma.

So, my blogging's been a little irregular.  As in, underwear-from-the-bargain-bin-at-the-Super-Save irregular. 

It needs some Metamucil.  Or at least some prune juice.

Anyway, I've found a stash of photos on my computer from before my computer cord went missing (again!) and sent me on this most recent hiatus. 

Thus, I give you...my new shower curtain!

Yes, the photo sucks.  That's my iPhone for you.

Anyhow, see that green strip across this bottom?  That's how I overcame the "floodpants" effect of the curtain when I first hung it.
 See?  Floodpants.  If this was junior high, my shower curtain would be getting beat-up right now.
 So, here's how I did it.  I measured the gap from the bottom of the curtain to the floor, and then I made a strip that height by the width of the curtain plus about eight inches.  I also added some for seam allowances.
Here's me sewing:

(Why do I think I have to take pictures of everything?)

Since the fabric was too narrow to stretch the whole width of the curtain, I had to piece together two widths of fabric.
 This is where the extra eight inches comes in - I made a couple of basic pleats to cover up the seam.
 Et voila.  A shower curtain worthy of a long, hot shower.

Or at least not getting shoved into a locker at lunch.


  1. LM*O! Sadly, my shower curtain suffers from floodpants too but as luck would have it, it quite enjoys being a nerd so I've been spared from having to remedy the situation. ;-) Good job! You're certainly waaaay more industrious than I am!

  2. Oh I've missed you terribly, Teri. And I love that your blog needs a little metamucil. Can I borrow that one sometime?

    The nonflood of your shower curtain is awesome!

  3. Well, your shower curtain is very cool, for sure and would never be friends with my shower curtain. My shower curtain must hang with Susan's and is more of a geek than a nerd. ;) Love this custom look! I love it when design shows show projects like this. I have seen it done with curtains to customize and pull in a colour.

    So happy your package arrived safely and that you were pleased. :)

    I was at Ikea on Friday and was telling DH about your cool video of you riding carts. You are known as "Teri from Grande Prairie" in our neck of the woods. Not to be confused with "Terry from the office". The only reason that I was able to get the tall shelf is because DD was with me with her SUV. It would never fit in my car. They sure give lots of bang for the buck!

  4. How is it that you learned to sew and I didn't? So. not. fair. Love the shower curtain, and love that you are sparing it from the pain you endured in junior high. Bahaha! <3

  5. Hi Teri, I'm not going to scrap with the journal pages. I just want to keep them in their own binder and work on them whenever the mood strikes me. No timeline or schedule for this "project".

  6. Hi again Teri, Jen and I didn't put any journaling in the album other than those small strips with names and dates. We would have liked to leave spaces for my mother to write in her own thoughts since the album does reflect 50 years of her life, but she doesn't like her handwriting and won't write anything in any album that's given to her. Personally, I don't think it matters what your handwriting looks like - it adds a personal touch and handwriting is a such a unique part of each person. That's why I mostly handwrite my journaling on my LOs. I figure maybe someday someone will be happy to see my writing instead of typed words. I know if I was lucky enough to look at a scrapbook of some long ago relative I'd want to see their writing. Ok, this is probably way more than you were expecting in an answer, so I'll stop. LOL


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