Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bathroom reorganization.

Or, should I say, "organization".  See this "before" picture?

There's really no "re" about it.

In our bathroom?  We just have one big cabinet.

No shelves.  No drawers.  Just one big space of the throw-it-in-there-and-shut-the-door-as-fast-as-possible-so-nothing-falls-out variety.

But then? I got smart.  This cabinet needed shelving, I say!

Plus, I wanted to use my drill.

Oh...did I not tell you about my drill?  See, when we first moved in here? We had to put up a shower curtain.  And I wanted one of those snazzy curved ones.

So we needed a drill.
In this house, I tend to be the tool-wielder, although the shower-curtain-rod turned into a two-dude job.
Why wouldn't this picture turn upright?

And people?  This started a love affair.  I was looking for things that needed a hole in them.

Anyway, back to the cupboard.

I went to Totem and had them cut me a couple of shelves based on my very precise and mathematical directions.

Yeah.  Basically guesstimated using a little pocket tape-measure.

Then I put them up using 3/4" L-shaped brackets.  Clearly I don't know what they're really called.  I used five of those thingies for each shelf, because they are only held up on 2 sides.  Keep in mind, though, there isn't much weight on them.
I recently switched to flat storage for my cosmetics to help free up some space in the ole' water closet.  That office drawer-organizer on the upper right holds all my girly goo.

Also?  I figured out that there are special screws just for particle-board.  Go me!
Three cheers for crappy iPhone photos!
And then I made them look a little less homemade with the plastic edging that goes on particle-board shelving.  Hopefully that will distract from the very homemade cussing that trying to drill into awkward places produced.

Et voila.  

It looks better, n'est-ce pas?
Now, I want to add a couple of these to the doors to add a little storage for my curling iron and other hair-tamers:
A great idea from The Suels!  Click the picture to head to their post!
I'm linking up at Anything Goes over at Type A.



  1. Nice, girl! Way to wield the tools! You are rockstar!

    p.s. I sooo need something like your hair-tamer storage.

  2. Oh Teri you are quite the woman!!! The shelves look terrific! Great way to expand your storage space! Nice drill!! :)

  3. Oui, Teri, c'est vraiment mieux!! Yikes, it's been a while since I pulled out my Quebec french! Wow, great job on those shelves! And, special screws for particle board?? Who knew?!? That's definitely something I need to remember. We too are cursed with one of those "nothing but a big ole empty space" bathroom cupboards but I took the cheating way out and just use stackable plastic baskets for storage. When we moved in here we actually converted a small hall closet into a pantry by building shelves - I think we used up all our handyman-ness with that project so plastic baskets will have to do in the bathroom! Anyway, you da man , uhm, I mean, da WOman with that drill! Go girl - make some holes!


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