Sunday, April 10, 2011

Updated, finally.

Hello, all.  I'm back.  As in, I'm-making-a-comeback back. As in, where-the-hell-was-I-in-the-first-place back.  As in, baby-got-back back.

Let's see.  I tried to avoid The Pile.  I moved The Pile to the new house.  I dismantled The Pile.  Then I tackled the smaller-but-equally-terrifying Pile-O'-Essays that needed to be marked.

This latter pile may or may not be fully dismantled at this time.  I am leaning toward "not".

***Editor's note:  Here's the picture of Molly in the recycling bin high atop The Pile that I promised.  No actual dogs were harmed in the making of this post.

It is for this reason, as well as because I (finally!) found my camera cord (which may or may not have been in the trunk of my car all this time along with all the other odds and ends that we haven't had the energy to unload into the new house...I'm leaning toward "may") that I would like to provide a quick update.

Yes, we are in the new house.  Yes, it is glorious.  And yes, we have been working on all sorts of little bloggy-fodder house projects since we got here. 

But since I need to edit the photos that are newly uploaded to my computer?  Here's a little scrappy-update instead:

I decided to jump on board with Jen from Scrapping Daze for the Counterfeit Kit challenge.  Isn't this an awesome idea?  The Counterfeit girls choose a current kit available online and challenge you to make one from your own stash.

Here's mine:

Seriously?  So much fun. 

On Saturday I made 6 cards and 3 layouts from this kit, and I still have a tonne of supplies left.

Here's one of the cards:

Counterfeiting is quick.  It's fun.  It uses up your stash.  It makes me feel pretty bad-ass, like I'm money laundering or something.

Wanna join in?

(More to come, my friends.  I promise.)


  1. Hi Teri!! Yay, you are back!! Molly in the recycle bin is just too cute!! Dachshunds are so hilarious! Just so much personality! I am so glad that you are playing along with The Counterfeit Kits! Isn't it fun!?!! It really does feel like we are getting away with something! It sure does make me love my stash all over again. There is always so much goodness in the stash that we have forgotten about! Your card is sweet. I love busy print for cards. Can't wait to see your other creations with the kit! :)

  2. First off, love your new POST A COMMENT header! BWAHAHAHA.

    Second, I cannot wait, like, I am about to lose sleep over seeing your new house and all the fabulous things you've done. Get those photos goin', girl.

  3. Hi Teri, It's good to see you blogging again! I've missed your funnyness! (Is that a word?) Congrats for putting your first counterfeit kit together too! Wasn't it an absolute blast? Made me feel like I got this totally amazing kit absolutely free. LOL And yay for wanting to try the other best-ever hobby - geocaching!! The advice I would give you for searching for your first cache is to choose one with a low difficulty rating and maybe read some of the recent logs for the cache to get a sense of other people's experiences with it. Your GPS will probably never bring you to absolute GZ (ground zero) so once it has brought you as close as it seems it will, look around you and start thinking logically about where you would hide something. Sometimes, depending where the cache is hidden, you may have to just feel around with your hands because you would never find it just by looking with your eyes. If you ever have any specific questions, just ask. Most of all, just have fun! We love geocaching and think cachers are totally cool people! ;-) Our caching name is white_peartree if you ever want to check us out on :-)

  4. Bahahahaha well we can't have anyone kicking puppies now can we? Seriously though, while Molly is so super cute, I want to see pictures of your house! Essays, shmessays! Get on it! :P

  5. Yeah, house pictures. It's about time! SOOT!


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