Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cliff says I stole this from Buckingham Palace.

When I realized our taps were dripping, I decided I had to do something about it.

And by "something", I mean hastily run to the store to buy a new one and then take it home and rip out the old one with my bare hands and then look at the holes that are left and realize that the new taps won't fit because there are only two holes drilled and Cliff doesn't think drilling into the countertop is such a good idea so I go back to the store and spend two hours picking between the $30 tap that requires holes and the $130 tap that requires two holes because there are only these to choose from.

Ya.  It was pretty much just like that.

Here's those two stupid two-trips-to-Home-Depot-causing holes:


On the plus side?  After two hours staring at the taps in Home Depot?  A wonderful, friendly salesperson will come over and teach you all about plumber's putty and teflon tape.
So I got out my putty, put on my best "I know exactly what I'm doing" face, and filled in the empty spaces:
And I taped her up:
And now...

Cliff says either I raided Buckingham Palace's kitchen, or I'm planning to let people bathe in our kitchen sink.

I don't care.  I think it's pretty.  And I did it myself - Cliff only had to loosed one nut for me.  And after two hours in Home Depot?

It's staying whether it matches the rest of the kitchen or not.


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  1. Awesome job! I'm sure it's a major improvement from whatever was there. And you did it yourself!

  2. Are you NOT so proud of yourself? I am so proud of yourself. That is a gorg tap. Was it up the butt expensive? Taps really piss me off for the price of them.

    You're my hero. I love a good, TRUE, DIY.

  3. Thanks for the tute! I want to replace the one we have too... and I love the one you chose. Mine only has one hole so I will be on the lookout for one like yours with 1 hole!
    Susan @

  4. You should be proud of yourself...I love the fixture you chose!

  5. I really like that water faucet. I also was floored by the prices for faucets at Home Depot when we were remodeling out kitchen.

  6. it is really pretty, i love it! good for you that you did this by yourself...i would be way scared!!

  7. Wow Teri, you're way braver than I am! I'd probably still be listening to the taps drip. I'm totally confused about all the holes and putty, etc. but congrats on the awesome job!

  8. This is so awesome! I love the Buckingham Palace husband once told me that I didn't live in the White House. Whatever...Congrats on doing something new. You are an inspiration to your students! I'm a new follower...pop over to my blog if you have time. ~Ann

  9. I really like that faucet....and I've got a leaky sink too. Here's hoping my shopping trip is easier than yours!! Nice DIY!! Thanks for linking up to a Marvelous Mess.


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