Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This one's counterfeit.

Here's one of the first layouts I made with my counterfeit kit:
I love that this challenge gets me to try colour schemes I might not otherwise try and to use up some of that lovely paper that I

This one also gave me the opportunity to use one of the little embroidery-floss butterflies that I crocheted whilst sitting in a packed-up house waiting to move.

 Ain't it cute?  I started with a tutorial I found online, but I altered it a little.   I'll post a tutorial soon.

These little guys are too cute to
covet all to myself.


  1. So great to see a LO done with your kit!! It's wonderful and what a great photo! I love that butterfly paper from Aphra's kit!!! The crocheted butterfly is awesome!!!! Sooo creative!! Way to go on the plumbing repairs too!! You are WOMAN!!! Hear you ROAR!!! I would never be able to do that!!! Good for you!! :)

  2. Ohhh that butterfly is great!! I never knew one could make such a thing! I may have to go looking for a pattern and give it a try. :-)

  3. Girl you crocheted that? Your skills continue to amaze.

  4. Hi Teri!! We miss you in bloggy land but I know this is a crazy time of year for you. That is great that you have been getting away on weekends. Any caching going on? We have been caching with Susan and her husband so we have actually been accomplishing something on that front.

    Too bad about your pups' fight. That must have been scary. Lady is doing really well on the potty front. The warm weather and lots of walks helps. It turns out that we live in a condo filled with neurotic dog owners. Nobody lets their dog pee on our sacred grass. ;) So we have conformed and go out to the slough for potty time. Fine now but it will be a royal pain in the winter.

    About the punches, the doily punch is Martha and the bracket punch is Fiskars. I paid too much for it at an expensive store but had searched for it for so long that I caved. Haven't seen it since.

    Tomorrow is that scrappy warehouse sale and Susan is super excited to get to go for the first time. Hope we get some good finds.

    Stay sane at school and looking forward to some creations of yours this summer.

    Jen :)

  5. Hi Teri, Nice to see you back commenting, even though I do miss reading your funny posts! About the paint splatters I did - yes, I just put a bit of watered-down acrylic paint on a brush and flicked it. Of course, my practise flick turned out way better than what happened when it came time to splatter onto the actual LO, but isn't that always the way? Good news - our giveaway is just mere days away! LOL This Tuesday, June 21st, we'll be putting together a couple more items (we saw some cool flowers at the LSS tonight and will try to counterfeit those as well), we'll take photos and then do our blog posts announcing the contest. So, only 4 more days until you get a peek at what you could win! No need to be counting into the negatives. ;-) Even if I do say so myself, it's a nice little stash of embellies!


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