Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cards. The fun kind.

Here are some cards I made from my counterfeit kit:

A week ago, obviously.  Because today, I'm writing report cards. 

And since it's "cards", it sounds like it's fun, but it's not.

Back to the cards, of the "report" variety.


  1. Fun cards Teri! That Martha butterfly punch is the best! I have been using mine lately too. Good luck with the report cards. :)

  2. Nice cards! I love my MS butterfly punch too. So useful. Report cards, yuck. I bet lots of kids are nervous right now! LOL

  3. So pretty! You know I'm loving the butterflies~

  4. Hi Teri! Just popping in to answer the question you asked - I cut that skinny ring with my Cricut using the "Center Point" feature. I love the Cricut for cutting circles! Beats doing it by hand like I used to.

  5. Hey, Teri, I LOVE these cards! I used up all my "Thank You" ones...will you PLLLEEEEAAAASSSE make me some more? You are MY sunshine! SOOT!


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