Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacouver's hottest club is "Caitlin's Stagette"

This place has everything...backwards bowling...fruity umbrella drinks...spookaccini...

It's like that thing where ghosts dress up for parties and eat pasta...


(And if you get the reference, I think we were meant for each other.)


  1. I want to know more about this backwards bowling. I just know I am missing out.

  2. lol ! i dont think you're speaking English , sweetie ! i just dont get it ! lol .

    yes , I can see yr custom blog header is still here ! lol . ;) coolios !

  3. LOL You are that character off of SNL!!! Is it Stephan??? Can't remember his name but he is hilarious!! He never makes it through the skit without laughing. Please tell me you are a huge SNL fan. I keep telling myself that one day I will grow up and not find it funny anymore but so far no. Andy's latest digital short was hilarious. Oh yeah, love the LO too!! The alphas are great and the perfect touch of bling!

  4. So much awesomeness being pursued! Thanks for making my insomnia entertaining and indulging my anal retentiveness by ghosting me and the kids out! LOL. Perhaps if you could make me as beautiful as that wall art I'd want my photo all over the internet!! Talk soon.

  5. LOL at your "mitten giveaway" comment, Teri! What I neglected to mention in my blog post is that it's rare that I make one of these suckers without flaws - I had to turn over both the beige mittens during the "photo shoot" so that you wouldn't see the loopy thing in one of them and the little hole in the other where I must have dropped a stitch when I glanced up at the TV. I like to think of my mittens as being "special". LOL But who knows...maybe one day if I get good at knitting... :-)


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