Sunday, January 16, 2011


So it's snowing. It's been snowing for days. It doesn't show signs of stopping, and I have no corn for popping.

Seriously. I'm afraid I'm going to turn all Jack-Nicholson-in-The-Shining up in here.

So I am compiling this list of important diversions whilst being snowed in.

First, one must scrapbook.
("PAH" is the spitting sound my nephew made while he was practicing (pretending) teeth-brushing).

Second, one must shop. Be sure to check out the wicked deals from Ninabrook Designs $7.99 for a double-pack of Easy Runner? Super-cheap shipping within Canada? Don't mind if I do!

Also, OhMyCrafts has some smokin'-hot deals on Cricut cartridges. Adrienne and I recently found this one for $30 plus shipping when it was $119 at Michael's.

Third, one must delight in funny emails from one's mother. Luckily, mine's been working through boxes and boxes of family photos. She's not exactly scrapping - she's just tackling the enormous task of getting them into albums. (Way to go, Mom!) Here's what she sent me this week:

Subject: Questions for you about paper and glue

Hmmn, now I feel like the rest of the note needs to rhyme too LOL! OK here goes!
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Here are my questions
about paper and glue.
When trying to put photos in albums
The little ones are a pain in the @$$
I want to stick them to paper
but somehow do it with class.
Your Scrappiness, pray help me
with these questions so new:
Can I stick them to scrapbooking paper
with some kind of easy glue?
Can I do them two-sided
or are two papers better?
What kind of glue do I need?
and where is my sweater? (sorry, I could not think of a rhyme)
Thanks Teri! I love you, SOOT! Love, Mom

By the way, SOOT stands for "stay out of trouble". To that end - in other words, to avoid a meltdown a la The Shining - I better make my way into my craft room.

Excuse me.


  1. LOL What a fun post! Loved your mom's poem. Sounds like she's as much fun as you are! And, you sent me on a serious diversion checking out the Ninabrook Designs site - I really didn't need to know about another place with such scrappy good deals! ;-) As for the snow, I cannot believe how much it snows here in Edmonton. It seems to fall non-stop. I guess that's why I'm on a total knitting tangent. I must feel the need to make warm things!

  2. How cute, I love all the folded corner and all the stitching!

  3. Snow for days? Ew. EWWWWW. Oh girl. I would so go all "The Shining", I swear. Just think "sun". Oh heck let's just go on a cruise together.

    Seems like your mom is one super witty gal-- I love that poem. That totally rocks! I can see where you got it all from.

  4. Great post Teri!! Now I know where your sense of humor and writing skills come from!! LOL I hear you on the going all Jack!! Man this has been a lot of snow!!! I am scrapping to keep my sanity but I am feeling like a bit of a scrapping loser. I mean what does that say about your life when you are posting every day???? ;) Not much else to do around here and it beats house work. hee hee Your LO is lovely! The stitching is great and I love your title!! Too cute..... even your little ghost nephew. Have a great day and keep warm. :)

  5. your creations are very funny and sweet.
    I just know if it can be used as paper goods such exquisite art that you created.

  6. Teri, I can't believe you posted that doggerel about paper and glue...You are one crazy blogging lady!! Thanks for making my day here! It is snowing hard here too! Having sent 300 lb of old papers from approximately 23 boxes to recycling as of this a.m., I now have about another 8-inch stack of nostalgic pictures that will be finding homes in the photo albums. So I'm really thankful for Your Scrappiness' advice about how to get it all together! You ROCK! I love you, SOOT! Love, Mom

  7. Hi Teri!! Yay the weather is warm here and sunny!! Hope it is the same for you guys too!! Rob is shoveling off the two feet of snow off the balcony and they even plowed out the path around the slough!! Life is good! The journaling thingy on my LO is actually a sticker that came with the element stickers in the BG "Curio" line. It does look like that one in the PP kit. That baby has long been scrapped. I miss those PP kits but think of the money I am saving. hee hee Have a great Sunday!


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