Sunday, January 23, 2011

Uppin' the cheese factor

So I teach high school, right? And I've noticed a little somethin' about teenagers.

As much as they're "young adults who want to be taken, like, seriously, ok?", they're secretly just big kids.

And so, when you give them cheesy teacher prizes, it helps if you play up the cheese factor. It saves them from having to play it cool in front of their peeps.

So I took this:
***Editor's note: I swear we don't buy our sour cream this way. Last year a couple of my students organized a taco party for their class, and the Taco Time people sent the condiments in this. I swear.

And I turned it into this:
And I filled it with this:
***Editor's note: I had to ghost-out my name because I know that some of you are big kids, too, and would like to get your hands on my cheesy teacher prizes. The last thing I need is my grade-ten English class filling up with 30-somethings. I'm lookin' at you, Adrienne.

Clearly I need some more stuff. Like erasers. And stickers. And secret decoder rings.

They'll love that. They just won't say so.


  1. Okay that is totally awesome. Maybe twinkies in there too? Maybe?

  2. Cooool! Wish you'd been MY teacher! LOL

  3. Aww, you are such a nice teacher!! Your students will love it!! The bucket looks great and wow I have never seen a sour cream container that big!!! LOL

  4. I yike it...I yike it ayot!!! Thanks for the NOD!!!


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