Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have a scrappy bee in my bonnet.

The other day I took this:
And a free svg download from that I cut with my SureCutsALot software, and folded into this:
And then I filled it with this:
And added a couple of these:
And on the back I put these:
Why oh why won't this picture turn upright?

And then I gave it to a friend who was having a bad day.

And now, tonight, I am itching to make one of these:
Or these:
Or these:
But this time, I don't have the materials just lyin' around ye olde crafte quarters.

So I have to wait. With my bonnet in a bunch. And I gave away all my cookies.



  1. Ahh, what a lovely gift box and those cookies look yummy!!! Good luck with the fancy flower!! :)

  2. Awww what a sweet gift for your friend. Can't wait to see the flowers you create!

  3. That is so dang cute! I love those boxes!

    Make some headbands for me?? ;)

  4. What a cute box! I'm really starting to like owls. And those headbands are awesome! My sister and I have a "bee in our bonnet" for making flowers using fabric too. We want to make something like this:

    Show us your headband when finished! Will you do them in the same color? ♥ it!


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