Saturday, May 15, 2010

Long time no blog.

So it's been ages, right? Eaons. Millenia have passed. Glaciers have melted. Fish have grown legs and started to walk on land. Cliff's grown a long beard and I've seen body parts head south since I last posted.

In summary, I haven't posted in a while.

Do I have a good reason, you ask? Well, my faithful bloggy companions, it is a combination of reasons that have resulted in such an extensive hiatus.

Now, before I discuss it, here are a couple of projects I meant to post about last week.

You know. Before Mother's Day actually happened.

Incidentally, the cards arrived late, too. Shock and dismay.

I had fun with these, though. I made them at the crop I attended a couple of weeks ago. “Joy! Rapture!” said I, upon returning home from a most pleasant and productive weekend. “I shall have blogging subjects for a fortnight!”

However, said fortnight was spent catching up at work from a weekend spent at said crop. I love my scrappy weekends, but when you're a teacher, it just means that you're putting work off that will still need to be done.

So, there's that.

And then Cliff got sick. As in, sore-throat, aching, ready-to-collapse, holding-yourself-up-with-a-wall, waking-up-in-a-ditch-with-no-pants-and-a-new-tattoo sick. All of which is true except that last bit. Suffice to say, he needed attention that could not be shared with my usual habit of chasing bloggy squirrels.

Then last weekend, another crop, this time a last-ditch effort to get in some scrapping time before the summer comes.. “Self,” said I, “you must surely attend this crop or risk losing your scrappyness for months. How vexing that should be.” So I went.

Now, this post is going to get super long (oh, how I have missed you!), so I shall share with you the most exciting part of that crop tomorrow.

But here's a hint.

And that only brings us to last weekend, my friends. I shall post again tomorrow about the capital times I've had since then.


  1. lol definitely sounds like you've been a busy bee!! Glad you had time to pop in with another witty post!! :) looove the part about chasing bloggy squirrels!! lol too cute!! and really great cards!! :)

  2. Hi Teri!!! Yay!! You're back!! First off I LOVE your Mother's Day cards. Very soft and lovely. Glad you have been getting to crops and have been creating! It must be such a busy time at work. Not getting the PP kit but getting to do some traveling sounds like a pretty doable trade off!! There will be lots of time for scrapping in the cooler weather. Okay, this new member of your family is just tooooo cute and has to be moved from a temporary status to a permanent status!! A friend for little Molly. I will be eagerly awaiting the details. Did you find this sweetie at a crop??? Most people just come away with a great LO and some supplies for the stash. ;) Have a great weekend! :)

  3. I am totally, completely, 100% serious when I say that I was like all "Where's Teri??" just this morning.

    I love that old letter flower.


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