Monday, May 24, 2010

Friendy stuff.

This here's a layout about friendship.

See the dude in the picture? Known him since elementary. It was our shared birthday. His sister and his wife are also in the pic. The weird ghosty-thing is my little sister.

I love these peeps.

And in the true spirit of friendship, I thought about from friend Jennifer from Scrapping Daze while I was making this friendy-layout.

See that layering? Totally Jen-inspired. You rock, my friend.

It's made with my April Paper Poppy kit. They rock, too.

Can you feel the love?


  1. Great page! Love the music paper :-)

  2. Terrriiiii!!! Stop tormenting your sister!!!! It is not nice to call her a Ghosty-Thing. LOL! SOOT!

  3. Hi Teri!! Awww, you are just too sweet my bloggy friend!! :) The layering looks wonderful and love these papers from the PP kit!! That is really neat that you still have a friend from elementary! I have one friend, Nancy, who who I consider my "best friend" aside from my sister, Susan. I have been friends with Nancy since the beginning. We met when we were one!! She is still in Montreal but when we chat on the phone it is just like we saw each other yesterday. It is pretty neat when that happens. Okay, onto the bird geek scene! I bought this book at Costco a few years ago, "Birds of Alberta". It is still usually there. Then I studied the birds in it a bit but whenever I saw a bird, I would run to get my book to identify the bird and I would record that I saw the bird right on the page. Yeah, pretty nerdy!! LOL We had an elderly neighbour years ago in Wetaskiwin, who taught us all lots about birds so we already knew some of the popular ones in Alberta. Hope you have a great week! Figures it gets nice when most are going back to the office. :( My daughters are both whining!! That must take you forever to grade essays! I always felt sorry for English teachers when compared to other subjects just for the marking alone! :(

  4. Great layout...great is good :)

  5. Really awesome layout... that layering looks great... I'm a fan of Jennifer's work too!! :)

  6. Great job with this kit, fantastic, I love your use of the bling and the chipboard!!

  7. Thanks for stopping my my blog! To answer your question about my silhouette jewelry. No I do NOT cut them out (what talent that would be!) I do all the silhouette work starting with a pictures, using photoshop to get all the details. Then I print it out on high weight paper to keep the details. Then add that to the glass tile using diamond glaze. I've had enough questions and interest that I'm working on a tutorial now that should be out soon~!
    CUTE layouts. I do a lot of crafts, but putting together totally cute scrapbooking layouts is not one of them. I need someone like you to walk me through step by step! My poor kids will probably never get a scrapbook, so sad.

  8. Why is your sister only appearing in ghostly form? Is she too shy to appear on the blog?


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