Friday, May 21, 2010

Gettin' dangerous.

So at the crop the other weekend, I busted out the April Paper Poppy kit.

I thought these bright colours matched the lights on the stage in the photos. I mounted them on black to give them some street cred.

I cut that title with a deep-cut blade for the Cricut. It's not your average sissy blade. It's a bad-ass mean blade with tattoos and a motorcycle. I cut the chipboard, then the paper letters, then grunged them up, and then added some glossy accents. But not sissy-glossy. Glossy-like-a-new-Harley gossy

But then I thought, you know what this layout needs? Some flourishes.

But not those pretty, girly flourishes. Ohhh, no. I'm talkin'......Distress Stickle flourishes, dude. Made with Stickles that didn't even come with the kit. They're kick ass.

That's right. I said it.

I even used sketch 83 from Creative Scrappers. That's like, old skool.

Oh, yeah. I live dangerously.

Don't get too close my friends.


  1. Girl. You.are.fancy. Fancy.Shmancy.

  2. lol... awesome layout... love all the grunge!! :)

  3. Hi Teri!! You are too funny!! Great grunge vibe to this LO. Your alphas are great and great job on the flourishes. I've never been brave enough to try it as I have a visual of the outcome. ;) Thanks for your kind words on the DT. I am really excited about it. Hey, I just saw a clip on the news about your snowy day. It does look christmas-y!! Hope you got pictures. We might get some snow overnight and it was trying to snow earlier. I feel bad for all the families with camping plans. Yeah, scrapping this weekend sounds good to me. How is Maggie doing? I hope nobody claimed her. How is Molly doing wit her new friend? Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of scrapping in. I haven't scrapped in a few days so I hope to get some in tomorrow. I have ideas rolling around my head. We scrappers really are a bunch of tortured artists! hee hee

  4. Always a pleasure reading your posts , Teri ! Sounds like you got your hands dirty which grunge-ing it out here ! lol !

    & I cant imagine , as Jenn mentioned , that you have snow still ! wow !

  5. Yayyyy! I made it to a page!!!! It's great layout, and I love the colors! Sweetie, you are soooo artsy- fartsey! I wish I had your creativity! :) xo

    Sherra :)


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