Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winner! And a secondary prize!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my giveaway. I'm glad you all like free stuff as much as I do.

I wrote out your names...
Drew one (BY hand, WITH no tracing!) at random...
And I pulled out...
Yay! Here's her story:

"I have endured a lifetime of embarrassing moments. I am as clumsy and ungraceful as they come. They freshest embarrassing memory is from two weeks ago. The cold had finally broke and the snow was melting making the sidewalks mini lakes. I set out on the two block journey to pick my kids up from the school bus stop. It was a treacherous walk trying to avois the puddles but I was almost there. Just one more puddle to get across and I would be safely at the bus stop with the other parents who were already gathered waiting for the bus to arrive. Now this last puddle was a big one so I decided I would have to step in the middle of the puddle to make it across. Not such a big deal, my boots were already wet anyway. The only problem was I didn't realize that this puddle was actually a huge ice patch covered in water. I stepped in the middle, my feet slid out from under me, and I landed with a thud in the puddle. There were more than a few giggles when the parents at the bus stop turned to see what the splash was. I then had to stand at the bus stop for 10 more minutes, soaking wet, waiting for the bus to arrive. "

By the way, I loved reading all of your embarrassing moments. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not alone in my klutzdom.

One of your stories stood out, though. Thanks to Patty for this little gem:

"Embarassing moment???At my age, mostly I embarrase my kids. My daughter was over to my house to borrow the stand mixer. As I walked around her--And Her Boyfriend- I did the OLF! (If you don't know that is the Old Lady Fart!!) the one where when you take a step and you make a noise. got to laughing and it sounded like a machine gun. They didn't come back for a week or two and I was glad. "

I laughed till I hurt, people. I only wish I was an OL to blame for my Fs.

So, I've put together a little prize pack for this most hysterical of stories:
The book pages are from an encyclopedia, an old children's book, a dictionary, a German book, and a Ukrainian book.

Patty, please send me your mailing address to (teritodd_at_hotmail) and I'll get this little package into the mail for you! Hopefully these suit your style. Or could be used to line a bird cage or something.


  1. Congrats to the winners!! Those were both hilarious stories!

  2. Oh man! I didn't win??? Ruined my WEEKEND!! ;)

    AWESOME stories. Makes me feel less klutzy, too.

  3. Congrats ladies!! Both these stories were hilarious and this was such a fun giveaway! More power to OLF's!! :)

  4. This giveaway was awesome...the stories totally cracked me up. My daughters are totally humiliated by OLFs of the many benefits of advancing age, ROFL! Good job Teri!


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