Monday, February 21, 2011

My Most Embarrasing Moment...and a Giveaway!

Hello, all! Happy Family Day!

Yes, in Alberta, today is the day we celebrate families. Immediate families. Extended families. Annoying families. Colour families. All in the families.

So, my bloggy family, I am celebrating with a giveaway! Today, I reached a milestone - 60 followers - and since my bloggy family has grown so much, I figure I should randomly show one of you how much you're my favourite.

Kind of like I treat my own family.

Here's the little kit I put together from my stash...
Oooh, Little Yellow Bicycle, Cosmo Cricket, and Making Memories!
Oooh, random bits and bobs!

Oooh, free stuff!

But we have to make this interesting, peeps. In order to enter this giveaway, you must share with me your most embarrassing moment.


Or at least, share with me something kinda embarrassing.

In other words, make me feel better for the story I am about to tell you.

Picture it: Langley, BC, 2007. A young teacher must move her office to a building across a parking lot. She has one box. She has no tape. She has an office chair, but no dolly.

She's just a girl with a dream - a dream of one day having an office bigger than a shoebox and of moving into it without having to ask anyone for help.

She fills her box to overflowing, using the box-tops to hold in the bits and pieces of office-clutter that threaten to jump overboard. She loads it onto her office chair, and she begins her trek across the parking lot.

If you haven't yet guessed, that girl was me. And that man was Pablo Picasso.

***Editor's note: If you get that reference, I think I love you.

I could have taken the sidewalk, but sidewalks are for the weak. I was young! I was ambitious! I had complete faith in the rolly-box-carrying capabilities of that office chair!

I don't know why I took the speedbump.

Of course, the next car to come by was the vice-principal, who sees me collecting pencils and pens and paper and hole punches and books and other miscellany that have now been scattered across the roadway. Of course, he gets out to help me, like a gentleman.

Of course, this is the exact time that several other people decide to leave the parking lot.

Of course, I have now caused a traffic jam.

Of course, I have put my idiocy-in-the-name-of-independence-and-poor-impulse-control on display for all to see.

And of course, I still have to put the box back on the office chair and inconspicuously push it across the parking lot.

Did I mention the classrooms all had big windows facing the parking lot?

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the most embarrassing spectacle I've ever made of myself.

So, once again: If you would like to enter this giveaway, please comment below. Tell me something embarrassing. Make me feel better! Make me laugh! Make me believe I'm not the only one dumb enough to take a speed-bump with a piece of office furniture!
The draw will close at midnight MST on Friday, Feb. 25, at which time I will very scientifically put your names into a hat and draw one at random. At this time, I have to limit this draw to only Canada and the US, as Canada Post won't give me an international discount for having publicly embarrassed myself. (Please feel free to take that up with them, though. I think this story should be worth something.)

On a serious note, thank you, everyone, for following me in my Pursuit of Scrappyness. It really does mean a lot to me, and I appreciate you for reading, for commenting, and for making blogging worthwhile. You should know that you are my favourite follower. Yes, you.

Don't tell the others.


  1. LOL Loved hearing about your moment!! Okay, your kit looks awesome and I would soooo love to play with it and to be your favourite, of course!! ;) Aren't kits the best??? So much fun to put together and totally go through the stash! Okay here is my moment. I ran into a woman at a play group years ago when we were all in the baby bearing years. She had two kids at the time and so did I. I hadn't seen her for awhile and I said, "Oh, you are pregnant again!!" She said, you guessed it, "No I'm not." Then she looked really sad and I felt like I just wanted to disappear into thin air. In my defense, it was the 90's and stirrup pants and long tunic tops were in style so we all kinda looked pregnant. To this day, even if a person looks about 8 months along, I say nothing until they tell me that they are pregnant. Can't wait to see all your posts about the new place and decorating!!! :)

  2. Hmmmm, only because you put together such a pretty present, I'll share.... So, I'm short, I know it and I sort of accept it. Most people don't know I'm short though because I almost wear always wear beautiful super high heels that make me look long, lean, graceful, and a ballerina. However, while leaving the mayor's office at City Hall after a business meeting one day, I was in a rush to get back to the office for a conference call that I was late for. As I was rushing through the very large, cavernous, marble floored foyer, my beautiful high heels caught in one of the grout lines in the floor. I didn't just trip, I didn't just fall, I went flying. I landed with both hands out making a big splat sound that reverberated throughout city hall. I tried to very gracefully pick myself up and float out the door, but I'm not too sure I pulled it off. To this day, whenever I enter City Hall, I walk very slowly, and usually come prepared in flats.

  3. Can't you just rig it so I will win??? C'MON! ;)

    Okay so I love love your story. I have seriously honestly, sooo embarrassing of stories that I will TAKE THEM TO MY GRAVE. They are THAT bad. Honestly painfully embarrassing.

    But alas, I will tell this one which is similar to yours. But worse.

    So I visited my favorite grocery store 2 months ago. Stocked up (because that's what I do-- I stock up). Well there happened to be a big sale on tampons that day. Yes, tampons. I hate buying feminine products, and I thought to myself,
    "Self, you should stock up." And so I did. The top of the cart full of 'em. That happened to be the day that the store manager wanted to help a gal out. I wanted to DIE as he helped put up all my boxes of tampons onto the checkout counter. I'll bet he thought twice about helping people out on those kinds of sales days.

  4. I have endured a lifetime of embarrassing moments. I am as clumsy and ungraceful as they come. They freshest embarrassing memory is from two weeks ago. The cold had finally broke and the snow was melting making the sidewalks mini lakes. I set out on the two block journey to pick my kids up from the school bus stop. It was a treacherous walk trying to avois the puddles but I was almost there. Just one more puddle to get across and I would be safely at the bus stop with the other parents who were already gathered waiting for the bus to arrive.

    Now this last puddle was a big one so I decided I would have to step in the middle of the puddle to make it across. Not such a big deal, my boots were already wet anyway. The only problem was I didn't realize that this puddle was actually a huge ice patch covered in water. I stepped in the middle, my feet slid out from under me, and I landed with a thud in the puddle. There were more than a few giggles when the parents at the bus stop turned to see what the splash was. I then had to stand at the bus stop for 10 more minutes, soaking wet, waiting for the bus to arrive.

  5. Ohhh what a nice looking kit! I think I've buried all my embarrassing moments somewhere deep inside of me due to the extreme trauma they caused me because I can't really think of any...but I will tell you about this totally DUH moment that would have been absolutely embarrassing had it not happened with family. We invited my brother and his girlfriend over for a BBQ and a game of croquet in the backyard. We were six people in total, we had six croquet balls but one of the mallets was broken leaving us with just five and I said, "Someone will have to sit out the game because we're missing a mallet." DUH! My brother looked at me like I was nuts and suggested that maybe someone could just share their mallet! A totally DUH moment and they never let me live it down.

  6. Hi Teri!! The alphas are from Sassafrass from 2008 I think! They actually could be easily made with the Cricut and ledger paper. I would struggle with the doodling aspect though. Just too random!! ;) Have a great day! :)

  7. I'm in - here's my an embarrassing moment: my kindergartner had been bugging me for DAYS about her friend's birthday party (to which I had not yet seen an invitation.) So I finally decided to Facebook the birthday girl's mother - only to find out her birthday is in JUNE (this happened last month!!!!)

  8. Embarassing moment???At my age, mostly I embarrase my kids. My daughter was over to my house to borrow the stand mixer. As I walked around her--And Her Boyfriend- I did the OLF! (If you don't know that is the Old Lady Fart!!) the one where when you take a step and you make a noise. got to laughing and it sounded like a machine gun. They didn't come back for a week or two and I was glad.


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