Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is my brother,

Jeff has profound mental and physical disabilities and lives at home with my mom. He's one of my best friends, and one reason it's hard to live so far from home.

Today, Jeffrey turns 37. So of course, I sent him a birthday card.

A star for a star.

Tomorrow, Jeffrey's going to wheel in the Terry Fox Run, a national run for cancer research. I am so very, very proud of him.

So today,

And tomorrow, good luck in the Run, Jeff!

(If you are able, and you feel so inclined, please consider pledging TEAM JEFF or another participant in the Terry Fox Run!)


  1. Hi Teri!! Such a lovely LO and a very heart felt post. :) Loving your use of the BG Basics and Cappella. Soft and yet masculine also. Lovely with that beautiful B&W photo. The card is great too. Loving those stars! Best of luck to Jeff tomorrow!! :)

  2. really sweet layout and awesome card!! the run sounds like fun... good luck to jeff!! :)

  3. Yes good luck to Jeff!

    I really love your cards. Can't you show someone like me how you make your cards? I would LOVE IT!

  4. Jeff did GREAT on our 5k in the Terry Fox Run, and Team Jeff earned $540 for cancer research. Thanks for your kind wishes!

    Teri, Jeff thanks you for the awesome card, for your beautiful scrapbook page using the pic you shared with him, and for being such a wonderful and loving sister. People like you who share their creativity with others in so many ways are a huge gift to the world. You ROCK Teri! SOOT!


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