Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've been thinkin'. No, I'm not kidding. Stop laughing, you.

So I have this layout to share.
It's based on Sketch #119 at Creative Scrappers.

And as I was putting together this layout, I was thinkin' to myself, "Self? You are hungry. You should have had that extra soup at lunch. Plus also? If only there was a way to share this layout beyond your own blog, and also have a little pow-wow with some fellow scrappers. Would that not be the pinnacle of online scrappy goodness, Self? By the way, you look great today."

So that got me thinking. It went something like this:

"Self? What if you could host one of those fun link-parties that you get so excited to link up to when you've done something recipe- or project-related. It'd be fun to have one for scrapbooking. I wonder if anyone else has thought of this? Ouch, my back hurts. I probably shouldn't have tried to move that anvil from the shed last night, but that's the price you pay for moonlighting as a blacksmith. On the plus side, if Wile E. Coyote ever shows up at my door, I'll be prepared.

"I don't think I'd want to use that McLinky link-up thingy, though. The Scottish are getting all the attention in the link-up world. Maybe I can use a Linkish Von Linkerstein. I hear scrapbooking is big in Germany. Aaack, is that a spider? Ohmigawd, ohmigawd, ohmig...oh, wait, it's just a black ju jube. Mmmm.

"I wonder if anyone would want to link up to my little party? What if I held it and no one linked up? That would be embarassing. At least no one would have to see my shame, though. Maybe I could create some fake blogs and link them up so it looks like people are all-so-excited to scrap-party with me. I could leave comments for myself like, 'Ooooh, Teri, that is the very best layout I have ever seeeeeen!!!!!' and 'Wow, you look great today.'

"Wow, Self. You have sunk to a new low. For shame."

So whaddaya think, peeps? Would you link up with me if I held a Linkish Von Linkerstein scrappy projects link party?

I hope so. Otherwise, I have a tonne of fake blogs to create.


  1. LOL! I don't have any fancy scrapbook pages to link up to, though! What if I designed a halloween invitation? Does that count? Probably not. Hmm. . .

  2. Name the time and place and I will be there!! Well, my blog will be there! Count me in!

  3. Hey Teri, great LO! I'm in on the link up thingy although I have to admit that I'm not really sure what this is?? Put it this way, I'm in as long as my limited technological skills prohibit me from joining in! ;)

  4. Everybody needs Christmas cards. How about a Christmas-card-making linkup? with a simple-enough design for beginners, maybe ways to dress it up, featuring a family Christmas picture but presented in a more striking way than the usual. Just a thought!

  5. lovely with the Jillibean goodness here , Teri !!

  6. Ohmigoodness you are so funny. Makes me miss you so much! I can totally hear your voice as I'm reading! Love the LO - such good times.


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