Monday, September 6, 2010

Suddenly I'm all domesticated.

Wait a minute. That makes me sound like a wild horse or something.

Anyway, it's true. This weekend, I've made:

haystack cookiesfocaccia breadand a pumpkin harvest loaf.


Plus also?

I have discovered that I love fall. Like, freaking L-O-V-E it. Who knew? The smells, the colours, the new-ness. Around here, that's not a necessarily a common sentiment, because fall means that winter is coming, and winter = -40 degrees Celcius. But there's just something so comforting about it.

See? Sooo pretty.So I really wanted to put that love on my front door. To proclaim to the world, "I love fall and you naysayers can kiss my autumnal wreath."
Except that an "autumnal wreath" sounds all hoity-toity-Martha-Stewartish. Normally I'm not about that, but if it's paired with a phrase a little more bad-ass, I guess it's not so bad.

***Editor's Note: Since this is my first-ever floral wreath, I was really lucky to be at Michael's with Adrienne who helped me figure out how to put this together! I basically just cut the smaller stems from the main stem, arranged them on the grapevine wreath ($4.99 at Value Village!) and wove in the ends of the flowers since I didn't have a glue gun.

One bonus of using those long stems and cutting them apart is that you get to put the "branches" in the garbage. So not only do I look all domestic with my door all decorated and my house all warm-smelling, but it looks like I still had time to take care of a little light pruning in the yard.And with the leftovers, I made a little baby wreath. But where to put it?
Maybe the back door. Wow, a wreath where no one but us will see it. I really am domesticated.

And maybe a little hoity-toity-Martha-Stewartish.

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  1. Visiting from TGC -- just love those purple flowers you used! :)

  2. That focaccia bread looks amazing!

  3. I think "domesticated" just might be my new favorite word. Girl, you are on a ROLL. Totally Martha Stewart-ish.

  4. The wreaths are gorgeous... I can't believe it's your first time making one... they look like they were done by a pro!! And YUM to all the delicious baked goodies!! :)

  5. Hi Teri!!! Wow, that is very domesticated!!! It must be the fall weather coming that makes us all feel like pioneer women needing to put up provisions for the winter months. Or, in our case, just eat for warmth!! hee hee Those photos are making me hungry but now that I actually have a kitchen, I could get on in there and bake if I was so inclined. Your wreaths look wonderful. I would never figure out that great placement. I cheated and a few years back bought one that was made by a lady at Michaels. Glad to hear that school is going well and that you are feeling creative. I sure miss your work and fun blogging. I am hoping to get back to my regular blogging and scrappy work very soon. I'll post photos of the "studio" once it is set up. It is the only unpacking left to do and will be a labour of love. Sorry to hear that you were unwell for some of the summer. Glad you are feeling fine again. Yay to getting some traveling in too. This summer was so weird for us. We had so much fun with my sister visiting and going to Banff. Other than those two weeks it was a bit of a bummer with everything going on with the condo. Everything about this move went wrong from the get go. It was so weird because our lives usually go along quite smoothly. Anyway, it is behind us now and the stress that began last April (5 months worth) is done!! We have vowed to never build again and actually plan on staying in this place until they send us off to the home! ;) Have a great day!!! Jen :)

  6. I sure love your wreath...go ahead girl! Also, do you think you could spot the cookie recipe...they look yummy!

    P.S. And if you send me the recipe on some digitally created notecard that says "From Terry's kitchen" are officially domesticated. No really, you will get a pin to wear on your apron in the mail! LOL!

  7. Great wreath! I found you from the blog hop. I just bought a hay/straw wreath today and am trying to figure out what to put on it. :)

  8. WOW! You've busy! What yummy stuff. Love the wreath and FALL in general too! :)
    Thanks for linking up to Socialize with me Monday til Sunday.


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