Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Out of my comfort zone.

Sometimes, you just have to do something out of your comfort zone.  Don't you agree?

Speaking of which, here are the last two layouts that I finished at the crop in February.

First, here is my best friend's beautiful little girl, Kiele, and the thank-you card her Mommy gave me:
Based on a sketch by Kristin Davidson in "Creating with Sketches" (top of page 23)
and made from my February Counterfeit Kit!

The balance in that one is unusual for me.  It's almost-but-not-quite symmetrical.  But, that's why I love working with sketches.  Kristine Davidson is a creative-boundary-pusher-genius!

Here's another one that was a little out of my comfort zone.  This time, it was in the use of product.

Based on a sketch by Kristine Davidson in "Creating with Sketches" (bottom of page 23)
Theresa Collins?  Butter-cream yellow?  Paper with un-cover-upable vintagey goodness?
I've always loved them, but have never been sure how to scrap with them.  I think this begins my foray into wonderful new territory.

Also out of my comfort zone?  Skydiving and close-talkers.

But I think I'll stick to vintagey-goodness.


  1. Terry! You're back! I was just thinking the other day, "whatever happened to Terry?" and there you are. Love the pages, so pretty! You should come link up at the Etcetorize linky party, it's going on right now. Good to have you back~

  2. Ooh the baby girl one just melts my heart!

    I'm gonna agree on the close-talker dealy-o.

  3. Ugh, close-talkers! I knew someone like that. Didn't matter how far away I moved, she was right there in my space again. LOL Anyway, I LOVE these two pages. Your scrapping style sure has evolved. Great how you incorporated the thank-you card into your layout - very cool indeed.

  4. These Lo's are terrific Teri!! The eBook seems to have inspired a new twist to your scrapping and I am loving it!! Yay to vintagey goodness!! Oh I hate it when people don't clue in to the personal space zone!! I'm not a touchy person so it really bugs me! hee hee

  5. I would NEVER forgive myself if someone kicked a puppy because i did not leave a comment on my best friend's blog! xo xo I love you Teri! and your craftiness inspires me more than words can express... You make me want to scrap day in and day out.. alas.. there is no time of space... speaking of time - stealers.... Miss Kiele and I are thrilled that you used her photo for a page you created at a crop! wow! just beautiful! But if i had known you were going to use my thank you card, i'd of made an effort to print a little tidier! lol... give it back and i'll type and spell check it! lol haha xoxoox Love you more than you can shake a stick at! xo xo xo


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