Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let's just keep this between us, shall we?

So, here's layout four of seven that I completed at the crop in February.  My beautiful ghost-sister and her beautiful ghost-daughter.  I think this is one of my favourite layouts to date:
Based on a gorgeous sketch by Kristine Davidson in "Creating with Sketches" (top of page 19)

Something I forgot to tell you about the crop is that, to prepare, I created a two giant kits based on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge's February challenge.  Multiple benefits of this process:
  • I was forced out of my comfort zone with colour (I rarely choose coral or peach, but it worked well here)
  • I had far less to cart with me to the crop, but still had plenty of supplies to choose from
  • I got to buy more stuff at the crop because "I didn't bring anything in yellow!"
That last one's just between you and me.


  1. So beautiful, Teri!

    So I've been thinking of you this week. Not that I don't think of you EVERY week, because I do. You might not remember this, but you jokingly suggested not long ago that I put a "1 and 2" above my bathroom doors. Remember that?

    Did. Done. Hee heee.

  2. Another beautiful LO Teri!! I love the colours here! The kit idea seems like the perfect thing for a crop! I bet that photo is just beautiful in real life! :)


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