Friday, December 24, 2010

I am conflicted.

Ok, so I love this picture. Me, chillin' with my homies. Goofy faces. There may have been some spit and eye-crossing involved.

And the sentiment is true:

And so's this one:

And by "you", of course, I mean "me". It's a little ego boost every time I look at it. "I'm sweet." "Ooooooh, why thank you! I try."

***Editor's note: Do you see that absolutely darling little hand-crocheted flower? I won a bunch (ha! Bunch!) of them from Susan at My Paper Passion a while back, and I've just been waiting for the perfect project for them. I adore them, Susan! Thank you!

But I'm conscious of putting photos of my sisters' kids online. So I had to "ghost them out".

But here's something I've never told you. I'm afraid of ghosts.

And little-kid ghosts are the scariest kind.

So this layout doesn't so much tell me I'm sweet, as tell me I cheekily stuck my tongue out at two little ghost kids.

I think I'm going to sleep with the light on.

(Thanks for the awesome sketch, though, Aphra. It's not your fault I'm being haunted.)


  1. Hi Teri! I am finally getting caught up a bit with the scrappy world! Your LOs are great and I`m glad you found the perfect place for one of those flowers. :-) We are settling in to our new place and getting used to the COLD. Winter sure is WINTER here in Alberta! My scrappy stuff is still all packed in boxes in the basement but I hope to start setting up my scrappy space within the next couple of weeks. Wishing you a great holiday season! :-)

  2. Totally adorable, girlfriend. Did I mention how I loved your card tutorial yet? Totally loved it, by the way.

  3. YAY, you are back, you slacker! LOL!!! I love the Boyz one too! SOOT!

  4. Hi Teri!! Loving this LO and I loved this sketch too! Fun papers and they pop on the white background! The flower from Susan looks terrific!! I am coveting my stash and using them sparingly!! Just love them too! Hope you had a great Christmas and are enjoying your time off. We had a nice day yesterday and Christmas was great this year because we had Susan and her family with us! Hope to start getting into some serious scrapping soon! ;)

  5. super cute layout... i love all the different alpha that you used in the title... and great title too btw!! :)


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