Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's not you, it's me. need to talk.

Look, I know that we haven't seen each other in a month. It's just that I've been so busy! Things were really hectic at work, and I've just got so much to do.

I mean, really, between the end of the school year and working on all of the projects at home that I've neglected, I just don't have the time or the energy for this kind of commitment right now.

So, could we, like, take a break?

No, no no! It's not permanent! I mean, it would just be for the summer. And maybe the beginning of September, until school gets going.

No, no, of course I still think you're pretty! Wait, no, slow's not because you were experiencing technical difficulties that one time when I actually had a chance to post. No, it's not. It's not.

It's just that there is so much else out there in the world calling my name right now. The birds are shining, and the sun is singing, and- err, well something like that. And anyway, it wouldn't hurt you to get some sun too, you know.

Oh, don't be like that. I know that blogs can't get any sun. You have to admit though, you are getting a little bit of sun right now since I'm typing on the deck.

I am not cheeky!

Ok, ok, wait, come back. I was just teasing.

It's not like we'll have much to discuss, though. I mean, I lost the camera, and these are the best pictures I can take with my iPhone:See what I mean?

Ok, so maybe they're not so bad. But not good enough for thrice-weekly blog updates, either.

No, "thrice" is not pretentious. Now you're just being mean.

Ok, how about a compromise? If you'll agree to be civil about this, I'll promise to hit you up for a 2am bloggy-call from time to time? Deal?

No, I don't think you're "that kind" of blog. It was just an idea. How about a few afternoon-sit-down-with-a-cup-of-coffee chats, instead?

Ok...really? You're sure you're cool with this?



  1. Awesome post, lol! totally laughing through the whole thing. You go girl. You take a break. We'll be here when you come back.

    MOUAH. (that's my kissy kiss sound)

  2. LOL Teri, you are too funny!!! I've been missing your witty banter. Glad your blog is forgiving you! Enjoy this summer! It is always too short here. There is lots of time for blogging when the bad weather comes in. Loving this LO. Great trees and title work! Too bad about your camera. :( I think that is a sign that you should buy a new one. Prices have really come down on some of those amazing Nikons with great zoom ability. Have a great day in the sun! :) This addict is about to head down to the dungeon to scrap just a little bit more before packing up the studio!! ;)

  3. lol... it seems like everyone has a more difficult time posting in the summer time!! Don't feel too bad... I'm sure your blog will forgive you eventually!! :) Love your layout... really great two-pager... and the title is perfect!! :)

  4. had me rolling. I am wiping a tear from my eye right now!!! I too have missed you! But we all need a break once in a while. Blooging shouldn't feel like a chore, and sometimes it does...sadly. Enjoy your summer and I can't wait for you to be back making us all giggle with your amazing posts!

    And I LOVE your LO....the trees are amazing! And I LOVE LOVE your title work!!!

  5. LOL - Thanks for the morning giggle, too funny!!!! Love your title work on the LO! I too am not blogging as much - mostly because my house is in shambles right now. Enjoy your summer!

  6. Too funny chickee! {Chris said to say hi!} I don't like it when you are so busy. Who am I going to go to VV with? Huh, Huh, did you ever stop to think about that? Well, did ya? NO!!! I didn't think so . Well, when you can spare a tiny little moment for an old friend, drop me a line, I mean pick up a line and give me a call!! Love the LO by the way!!

  7. I'm glad your blog isn't *that* kind of a blog. We all know where those 2-AM-bloggy-call posts get us...


  8. Hey Teri!!! Hope you are having a great summer and are getting lots of photos to scrap. How are the pups? I have declared August as a scrappy month! We get into the condo on Sept. 7th so I figure I might as well scrap while I can. It sucks being homeless but this homebody is coping. ;) Geocaching is lots of fun although, we went tonight, walked 4 miles, got eaten alive by mosquitos and never did find the sucker. :( The hiking on this one was just in our neighbourhood. This old duck doesn't do anything too strenuous. ;) Just finished using up most of my PP kit. So much fun!! Hope to get to see some of your creations soon. :)

  9. Hey , grrl ! Sounds like summer is going just great , as it should be ! good on yer ! ;)

    Sorry to hear about the camera loss ! ouch ! double ouch ! These iphone pics arent too bad !

    See yer when you're ready ! no worries !

    ( real life is offline , as far as I know ! ;)

  10. hi there...i see you are taking a break (hilarious post BTW), but i wanted to thank you for the comment today on Live Fancy :). i really appreciate it! have a spectacular day!!

  11. LOL, you're too funny :) I hope you're not going to go missing for a whole month though! But then again, it's not too long in the grand scheme of things, and sometimes this whole blogging business is way too much of a time commitment. Love the double LO and the trees you made, super cool! I'll catch up whenever you do come back ;)

  12. Glad to see that it's not just me...that it's you too ; )
    Life does seem to get super busy this time of year but I seriously want to thank you for your sweet comment.
    Loving the layout BTW, your camera took a killer picture.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!!!

  13. Very cute. :) This made me smile!

    I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog to enter the Giveaway. Hope you'll come visit again soon. :)

  14. Hi Terri. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I love your work and will visit again soon. Hope you are having a great break! :)

  15. your LO'S are just too cute!!
    Hey, I'll be in Canada on the 26-27 of August to do make and takes at 5 Zeller's stores!

  16. thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! and i think your iphone pics look awesome :) i am impressed by your scrapbookin' skills, girly!


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